Hotel Pennsylvania
401 7th Ave
New York, NY 11215

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I checked into room 274 on the 5th of November 2014 and noticed immediately that the room was filthy. It had cracks on the walls and also smelt like it had not been cleaned for days. I convinced myself to make do with the room since my check in time was late. I travelled in from Wisconsin that night. Checked in at about 10 pm. I changed my mind and went to the reception for a room change at midnight but was told it was full and there were no rooms available for the switch. I was asked to return

to the reception today ( 6th November 2014). When I got back into the room and took the sheets up to get some sleep,I saw bed bugs crawling all over the bed. Took pictures of the bugs and complained to the manager. He (the manager) insisted that they don't have bed bugs in their hotel and insinuated that the pictures were just a ploy for me to get a refund for the money paid. I had paid for 4 nights. As I type this,I checked out of the hotel,still sitting in the lobby and trying to find another hotel (hopefully better than this one). I have also been told that my credit card will be charged for 4 nights. I spent just 1 night and checked out early because of the filthiness and the BED BUGS! Hotel Pennsylvania is a rip off.

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I stayed at this hotel from august 25 2014 until august 26 2014 and I was completly bitten by bedbugs. My whole arms and legs are full of bedbug bites. I will never return. My room was 550 and the carpets were dirty and it didnt have good ilumination. This hotel is not worth it.

In morning found blood on arms and legs from bites 01/16/14

I stayed in the Hotel from 10/25-10/27/2013. When I walk up the first morning I was completely beaten by BED BUGS!! My arms, hands, neck and face is completely swollen from the BED BUGS.It is horrible place, dirty, full with bed bugs. The are refusing to admit the problem and treat the rooms. WORSE HOTEL EVER!

After finding this hotel on the registry I was hesitant to stay here but I did not change my hotel because I was optimistic. After the 3rd night there was a bed bug crawling on top of the sheets. The mattresses were zippered shut with a covering but apparently that didn't work. I called the front desk for new sheets and they informed us we would be needing to switch hotel rooms at 1:00 am. The next room didn't have any mattress coverings and seemed cleaner. Luckily our trip was cut short by Hur

ricane Sandy or else the next two nights would have been long ones. The only thing the hotel has going for it is the location to Penn Station. Rethink the hotel!

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Our family stayed there in July 2010 for two nights.
On arrival in the morning, you find crowds of tired people waiting all over the place and very long queues trying to check in. Checking your luggage comes at a fee. There is no toilet in the lobby. You need to 'organize' access to get to the toilets down stairs, which I found to be in a terrible state, with urinals leaking out directly onto the floor - accompanied by an overwelming stench.
The rooms are filthy. Carpets torn with electri

cal wiring poking right out of the floor. Never seen anything like this at any other hotel ever. The bathroom is dirty. The taps wont close. The room did have an air-con, but it was so dirty and grimy we were too afraid to try turning it on. The paint was peeling from the walls. I have some nice photos... Complaining at reception, you get the "But sir, the hotel is very old..." standard answer.
But its a nice location! Maybe they need to tear it down and build a real hotel.

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Saw a bug that almost looked like a tick. Picked it up and it squished easy with lots of red blood. Clearly had been feasting. Looked up bed bug images and had a perfect match for a mature bed bug. Hotel quickly moved us to another room. Upon inspection, that room appeared clean. Not taking chances and will quarantine suit cases and clothes when we arrive at home. Our stay in nyc was from 6/15-6/18/2012.

I stayed with my lady-friend in this hotel for four nights, very concerned and apprehensive because of all the negative reports, I checked the bed and room repeatedly and thoroughly, but found NOT THE LEAST SIGN OF BEDBUGS! At the contrary, the room was clean, the towels were clean and plenty and changed every day, there awas soap and shampoo provided in the badroom - small and old but clean - and the water pressure and air conditioning were quite all right. Yes, the hotel is very, very big and

old and the breakfastroom amazingly small for such a vast hotel (most people take their breakfast to their bedroom) but the staff is friendly and cooparative though perhaps a bit too matter of factly for european standards. The only thing that angered us quite a lot was a group of at least 20 people standing on the landing just near our room after midnight, talking very loud and long; they would not go away on our repeated requests. Next day the lady at the desk beneath was very concerned, praised us that we reported and gave us good advise so as to call the desk anonymously for our own safety.

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We stayed in Room 1165 for seven nights (29th March- 5th April) and first impression was not a good one- the room was dark, stuffy and I spotted a few carpet stains. The bathroom faired worse with cracked stain mark on the off-white plastic toilet seat.. dirt marks on the bathroom rails and edges, marked tiles and a dirty bath tub. My heart sunk as this has got to be the worse hotel that I had stayed at, and I'm well-travelled. I had booked this as a flight & hotel offer, and wish I hadn't.

As for the bed, my partner and I were both up scratching all night. Initially we thought it was psychological, however we've been home for four days now, and our arms and legs are covered with itchy bumps and a slight rash- not impressed! A complaint to the hotel management to follow and its regulator. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!

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I stayed at this hotel from 3/7/12 through 3/10/12 and found it to be worn out but a great location with staff that was pleasant. I stayed in room 1616A and did a cursory check of the mattresses for bed bugs upon arival and all looked to be clean. Nonetheless, I took the precaution of storing my carry-on bagpack in a plasty Hefty Big Bag when placing it in the closet, keeping my suitcase on the desk and never leaving anything on the floor. Good precautions but thought to be needless since all lo

oked to be fine. However, I have been home now for four days and found last night a series of very itchy bumps on the calf of my right leg and a few on my arms. They resemble mosquito bites. According to what I have read on-line, these are more than likely bed bug bites because they can take up to 9 days from a bite to appear. I am a bit horrified because I didn't think that there was a risk. I am now "itching" to get home to thoroughly wash all of the clothes that I took in hot water, even though most of them were kept encased in plastic bags within my suitcase. So, anyone staying at this hotel needs to do a better check of their room than I did. The location and price was great, and I had a great time but BEWARE!

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Stayed at the Hotel Pennsylvania 12/20/2011 to 12/21/2011. I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived. I almost cancelled my reservation after seeing so many negative comments. The room was clean, there was no sign of bedbugs. The bathroom was very clean, the water pressure in the hotel was amazing. Every hotel employee I had contact with was friendly and helpful. My only issue, and it was a very minor one was no air conditioning. The room was hot and the weather unseasonably mild for late Dec

ember. Other than that I had no issues at all with the cleanliness of the hotel.

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I stayed for a week. I closely inspected the bed and the room and found no bugs or signs of them. Afaik i have not been bitten :)
The hotel rooms are very worn-out and dirty. Not recommended.

I stayed here with my daughter for 5 nights in May and everything was fine. Okay so it wasn't the Waldorf Astoria, but there were NO bedbugs and everyone working there were very helpful and cordial.

The room and bathroom were clean and it was a perfect location!

I went there for my 40th birthday, July 13th 2010. I had been used to staying in Murray Hill, but everything there was sold out. I reserved here, arrived at 3:00 there was a long line of folks (which told me that it was either a great deal or a really pleasant place). I didn't care for the looks of the place to begin with. When I got to my floor, the door reminded me of an old vault refrigerator door. Anyway, I took one look at the place and I couldn't remember what it reminded me of. I im

mediately called downstairs and the person on the phone told me I had the top of the line room. I explained that I COULD NOT SLEEP HERE! I WILL NOT GET ANY SLEEP - THIS ROOM IS FILTHY! Last week when the idea of reporting this (after 5 months had gone by), their website required my confirmation number, which I can't find. My name is Chanane Brown, from Philadelphia, PA. They know who I am because I got a full refund. After listening to them trying to talk me out of it, I expressed that the room looked like something out of a crack house!

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My friend Carrie came to see a Broadway Show with
Me last night 10/20/10. This morning she called me at 5am crying because she was itching all over and found at least 30-50 bed bugs in bed with her. She called the front desk and they said there was nothing she could do.
She took a hot shower left behind her suitcase and stole a hotel robe so she could was all her clothes in hot water at 6am so she could take a train back to Jersey. She already called her credit card company for a refund. Also

the front desk manager said to her this is new York and
This is a cheap hotel what do you expect lady? I'm completely shocked. Hopefully they will be shut down soon

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Sept 27th 2010

After staying one night, I awoke to numerous bites on my leg in a linear pattern. They immediately began itching!!! After 10 days, i still have the bites on my leg and am using cream so I am not constantly itching. I asked to change room which the manager allowed but they would not laundry my suits. This hotel is sub-par and I will NOT be staying here again.

I stayed at the Hotel Penn in mid July. By the time I left (checked out early) I had bed bug bites all over my legs. They refused to admit they were bedbugs, but, provided me with a full refund for my stay.

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