Hotel Parker Meridien
118 W 57th St
New York, NY

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Dear Anonymous,

I did not immediately respond to your post on this site in hopes that you would take the time reconsider the damage such an inflammatory post does, especially when we have so clearly outlined the veracity of the negative finding to you.
I was disheartened to learn you find my integrity to be questionable. I can assure you would the response would not have been different had you been a celebrity. I am very disappointed you have chosen to move this matter into the public sphere

and have openly accused us of being duplicitous despite our having sent you a certified clearance letter from our pest control company. Please note it is in their best interest to find a positive result because treatment of a infested room is profitable to them.
As my initial email stated, as a policy we do not offer compensation for negative findings. Solely at my discretion I offered you substantial compensation. I had hoped it would clarify to you how seriously I took your obvious distress.
Lisa Tharp

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I recently stayed at the Parker Meridien in Jr Suite room 2618. I was only there for two nights, but the second night I woke up due to itching. I found several groupings of bites on my body, all matching online references to bed bugs.

We called the front desk. The night manager and a colleague came up to assess the situation. They looked at my bites and barely inspected the bed, and started to surmise that I must have had an allergic reaction. As I explained, I have no allergies and didn't e

at or drink anything out of the ordinary during my stay. I asked them to really inspect the bed. We pulled back sheets, etc. No actual bugs found with the naked eye, but we had had the lights on for over an hour at that point.

They moved us to another room, and quarantined our old room. I asked if that last night could at least be comped and they refused because the exterminator company they work with deemed it free of bed bugs. They even sent me a certificate.

Even though their exterminator company sent me a certificate in the clear, I really don't believe them. I'm sure admitting to the problem would be a real issue. I'm sure if I were one of their celebrity guests they had that weekend and I had this happen to me, it would have been a different story.

BEWARE! I took doses of benadryl and threw out my suitcase and purse that was on the floor of the hotel room. Dried my clothing on high heat. Fingers crossed they didn't follow me home.

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Please feel free to contact me to discuss our preventative measures. I am more than happy to answer your questions and ensure a fabulous visit.

Lisa Tharp
Guest Relations Manager

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