Hotel Indigo
127 W 28th St
New York, NY 11224

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I've stayed in a hotel weekly for almost 6 years and have never had this problem before. I woke up with bites all over my arm, shoulder, and face, it was disgusting. I didn't know what it was at first, worried I had shingles or was allergic to something (I have been doing allergy immunotherapy for 2 years, and never had any reaction but thought this could be the first), until finally after 1-2 days the bites swelled up and turned red and became very itchy. At that point I went to a doctor and th

ey told me they were bed bug bites.

At first I tried to directly contact the hotel management and did not receive any response. I emailed again and a front desk clerk told me they forwarded my comments to the General Manager. After several days, I still hadn't heard anything from the hotel, but I did receive an email from a senior case manager for the parent company IHG stating I would receive an email from the general manager or hotel ownership within 48 hours. After not receiving anything for 48 hours, I contacted them again. The next response stated I would hear from them within 21 days. As it appeared absolutely nothing was being done to acknowledge or fix this problem I then looked up resources to report bed bug issues, and reported it to NYC's 311 service and the Department of HPD. I also have not heard anything from HPD

The dates of my stay were 12/7/2015 - 12/10/2015

I believe my room was 603

see full report...

Stayed for 2 nights in Indigo on 07/15-17.

Woke up this morning seeking a blood spot on the sheet. Start digging and saw some black and smaller red bugs. So far killed 5-7 and video recorded 4. Planning to leave this place and go and talk with the manager of the hotel.

Never had this happened to me before.

Stayed overnight in room 305 and woke up itching. Bites didn't full out materialize until later that day. There were 9 on my right arm. 3 in 3 rows. Hotel management refused to give me a refund and didn't answer my calls for 2 weeks! Horrible experience and horrible service. Do not stay here!

Got bitten all over last night!! Woke up in middle of the night and saw 3 of them. room 705.

this hotel continues to struggle with bed bugs. AVOID STAYING HERE!!!!

9/29 through 9/31

Stayed in two separate rooms during our stay and developed two to three bites on my stomach. Unfotunately I thought it was a bug bite and didn't wash my clothes right away so I am now having Terminex come to inspect my house because I have additional bites. Notified the manager and have yet heard back from him. Not happy at all with my stay. It is a shame because it is a nice hotel.

Woke up to two bedbugs on the bed. Laundry service for the hotel confirmed it. No bites, but now washing everything in hot water. 8/4/12

July 9

Woke up at 6 am to a bedbug staring at me. Killed it and saw blood stains on bed mattress as well. Definite bed bugs at the indigo hotel in Chelsea!!!

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