Hotel Edison
228 W 47th St, #1
New York, NY 10036-1411

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July 30-aug 9 2013
I stayed on level 11 in a 2 queen room. After the first few nights I woke up with bites on my arms hands shoulders as legs. Huge red awaken and itchy. At first I thought it was Mosquitos but after each nights sleep they got worse. Still 2 weeks on I am itchy what a horrible experience! I informed the manager and he gave me one nights refund out of 9 it's not worth it!
Never stay there!

July 12-14, 2001, stayed on 8th Floor room - NO BED BUGS FOUND. I put suitcases in bathroom. Using a flash light, checked under the sheets and mattress pad, around the carpet for the bugs that are the size of an apple seed. I had even brought a magnifying glass determined not to stay in a room with bed bugs. NONE FOUND! Thank the Lord! The room is old and the bathroom very small and not the best shape, but the LOCATION IS GREAT!! Worth the downgrade for the location! I know you requested not t

o report if none found, but I would appreciate knowing if I were going there.

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