Hotel Alexander
306 West 94th Street, New York, Ny 10025
New York, NY

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I was staying with a friend of mine in room 202. The room has double queens sized beds and he's stayed in the hotel for four months in a few different rooms without any problems, but on the first night I stayed I couldn't get any sleep, scratching all night. When I got up to look at my skin in the mirror at about 2am I saw puffy red spots on my arms, shoulders, chest and back. After looking it up on web md I confirmed they definitely appear to be bedbug bites.

My friend has not had any issue

s. Maybe I attract them for some reason? Or they can stay in one bad and not another?

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Stay: July 24-26, 2010 but we cut our trip short.

Our original room was 407 with two double beds and at 1:30am we found several bed bugs in both beds. We went to the front desk and he moved us, but he didn't seem apologetic or surprised at our request. This was concerning because hotels are typically mortified when you suggest the presence of bed bugs and are apologetic.

Room 706: We thought we had checked both beds meticulously but the next morning we found bed bugs on our beds who had

just fed (when we killed them they had lots of blood) as well as some bed bugs on the floor. We gathered that the whole place was ridden with bed bugs and quickly left the hotel.

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room 419

monday, december 14th bitten by bugs during the nights.

tuesday, december 15th. Left light on while falling asleep. Bugs emerged. I called front desk and was promptly moved to a different room, which seems to be free of bed bugs.

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