Hampton Inn Manhattan Chelsea
108 W 24th St
New York, NY 10011-1902

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Just stayed at this hotel May 16-May 20, 2013. Extremely clean hotel. Not a bed bug in sight. Would stay here again in a heartbeat.

We reported our problem with bedbugs after our stay in January, 2011. We finally were contacted by an insurance adjuster and have received reimbursement for damage control required to insure we didn't have our home infected.

However, we are still getting the 'run around' from the hotel general manager about honoring the Hampton Inn's pledge of 100% customer satisfaction.

We expect to be reimbursed for the cost of the room. We contacted the Hampton Inn corporate office and they back us u


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I wish I had known about this site before we booked travel at this hotel. We travel many room nights during the year and have had good results with the Hampton Inn properties until this. My company had booked 14 room nights during the week of 1/17 to 1/23. The first night we stayed, 11th floor, one of our employees was bitten on the neck,hands and back. Not a good start to the week. At first I was pleased by the response.

They did refund one room night,and moved us to a different room.

They told us they would have the room checked by a professional service and let us know the results. I would have been OK with that if I had not read the other posts found here.

The management told us the same lies that others have written here. "No problems, our professional service, checked your room and found nothing." "We have not had a problem here since 2008." BULLS--T!

The report that was promised has not been sent, despite several request. I wonder why? It is two weeks later and the employee still has scars on her arms and back from the bites.

Unless the Hampton Inn Management wants to step up and do the right thing, the thousands we spent and the tens of thousands we can easily influence are not coming back to your chain.

In business we all have service failures, but trying to lie your way to success is not something I am willing to support. This property not only has a Bedbug issue, it has a management issue.

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Please add the following report to Hampton Inn Manhattan Chelsea, submitted to the registry today under "108 W 24th St NY, NY" by janjim on 01/30/2011

We have reported a bed bug problem to this facility and they have failed to respond. They say they have an outside service to check on complaints but have not provided us with a report as of 1/30/2011. We stayed 1/14/2011 thru 1/17/2011 in room 1408. Beware.

We waited to complete a customer service survey until today on our stay to give the

m an opportunity to respond and are disappointed that we still have not heard from them.


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We stayed 3 nights Jan.14-16, 2011. I saw a small bite on a finger the second night and thought nothing of it. The night we returned home I found bites all over my ankles. My wife called the hotel the next morning. they had the room insoected and told us they found no evidence, but would have their service do a followup inspection. After a week we are still waiting for the followup report. My doctor has confirmed bed bugs. I have over a hindred bites and now my wife has been bitten.

I e

xpect better from Hampton Inn.

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I was staying in room 1809 on 28th Nov 2010 but by the 30th Nov, I had got bitten pretty seriously on my neck, back, waist and ankles.
I didn't know what to look for and assumed you could not see these critters with the naked eye.
They got an exterminator firm in to look but said they couldn't find an infestation, however, they also said that no one had reported bed bugs for over 2 years...
Seeing the other report for the end of November where someone had actually seen them and reported them

to reception, I'm now skeptical that they are telling the full truth of the matter.

This hotel has a problem

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We stayed in this hotel from November 11 - 14 (oh the 20th floor). On the morning of the 14 my sister found a bedbug crawling on her. We searched the beds and that was the only one we found. So, I wouldn't say there was any kind of infestation, but she did end up with a few bites on her ankle. We took it down to the desk and reported it to them. Our biggest frustration was that they offered us no guidance on what to do with our clothes, etc. once we got home so that we could ensure that we

didn't transport them into our homes. The hotels should provide some information to prevent any spread when they are found.

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