Gramercy Park Hotel
2 Lexington Ave
New York, NY

Found 5 reports:

I am staying in room 1512 tonight. I just woke up in the middle of the night with bedbugs ALL my feet and legs. I travel CONSTANTLY i know EXACTLY a bedbug bit looks AND feels like.

This hotel is disgusting great suite they gave me for $800 a night

Stayed there dec 2013 and had 12 bed bug bites
And management ignored me and claimed no
One else ever had problem.

stayed there december, 2012. Ten bed bug bites and no ackowledgement from managment staff of problem. just read on internet about bed bug problem there.

Stayed here in May 2012. No bugs, really nice room, though small (and EXPENSIVE!). Just came back to check if there are any new bedbug reports since I'm in NY this weekend and deciding what hotel to stay at.

Stayed at GPH in early October, 2012. Lovely hotel. NO BUGS. I always check carefully before booking in NYC.

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