Excelsior Hotel
45 W 81st St
New York, NY

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November 15 & 16, 2012
No bedbugs.

No bed bugs room 1514 August 19-Aug 22

Stayed in room 1003 one night 7/16/12, no bedbugs seen or felt.

Stayed in room 1512 May 11-17, 2012. No bedbugs.

No bedbugs! Our family just stayed here (7/26/11 - 7/30/11) and had a great visit. The hotel staff was wonderful and the room was clean. Per recommendations I found on the web, I inspected the room top to bottom with a flashlight upon check in and saw nothing whatsoever. We would definitely stay here again!

I woke on the first morning of my stay in the Excelsior with several small sores on my stomach. The following morning I woke with even more in a similar position, and after turning the sheet down, I found a small fully engorged young bed bug. I rang the front desk and without having to show them my stomach, which was now incredibly itchy and senstive, or even show them the bed bug, they organised me to be moved to a new room. I was very nervous about staying in the room and checked as many bug h

iding places as I could. I stayed in the hotel another 5 nights without incident, but the bites progressively became even itchier and very, very sensitive. It is now nearly two weeks since I was first bitten, and my stomach is still covered with welts and itchy sores which are sore to touch. I guess the most annoying aspect of this whole episode is that the hotel staff provided NO information on what to do with my luggage and how to treat any potential infestation in my house, in case I transport them to Australia. The hotel industry should be warning and advising their customers, rather than keeping their heads stuck firmly in the sand.

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NO BEDBUGS! My best friend and I stayed last weekend (June 4th-7th). We were utterly terrified, being home owners, of ANY hotel in New York regardless of the star rating. I had researched and with this registry, saw that the Excelsior had previously had a problem. When I checked in I asked about it, as they are supposed to by law report any bedbug problems, and they assured us that they had fully renovated the summer before and that there were no bedbugs. Still, we thoroughly checked our room, t

he two double beds, the mattresses and box springs, curtains etc. NOT a bug or stain to be found. The next morning, no problem and no bites. Our entire stay was bug free!

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No bedbugs. Stayed on 10th floor for 2 nights, 02/05/11 and 02/06/11. I checked the mattress and turned it over and checked the box springs. The next morning I checked the sheets. No problems.

Sept 4, 2010 - We found bed bugs crawling on the mattress and hair on the sheet. The BellHop was sent up to the room (600) and he determined there were no bedbugs. He agreed to send up clean sheet but they never came. When we inquired at the check in desk we were offered another room which we agreed to because it was clear to us were would not get our refund. Did I mention staff was not to receptive to our concern? We were moved to another room, but we were afraid to stay in the new room in fe

ar of waking up with bites all over us. Our loss, we were not able to get our refund.

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I stayed here with a co-worker in January of 2005. We found a bug (unaware at the time of such things as bed bugs), my co-worker caught it in a water bottle, and brought it to the front desk. They said they would look into it while we went out for the day. When we returned to our room later, the room was completely empty - everything was gone, the beds, the furniture, our bags. We went to the front desk and they explained that they didn't want to take any chances, and that they had upgraded

us to a suite. THat night, we both noticed a few little bumps on our legs. I left the next day, and by the time I had flown home, I had more bumps, and by the next evening, I was COVERED in itchy red bumps. I called my co-worker (who had to fly from NYC to Toronto for work) and she was covered too. I went to my dermatologist, who said it was definataley from bed bugs, the classic 1-2-3 bite, breakfast-lunch-dinner (YUCK!)It was SO BAD, I missed 3 days of work.

We called the hotel, and eventually we got them to pay for our Dr. bills!

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