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I stayed at the Edison Hotel at the end of July. I woke up with a couple of bites on my legs the next morning. They definitely gave me bed bugs because I had never had this problem before and now I have bed bugs at my apartment. This is crazy and disgusting.

OMG! I gambled on the Edison because of it's excellent location and it was actually a little bit less expensive. How I wish I had been willing to spend a little more, stay a few blocks farther away!! We gave a cursory look over the room when we checked in and didn't see any bugs or evidence of them. But, at 2:35am, we woke to the worse itching ever and when the lights went on, saw a sight from a nightmare! Bedbugs were crawling on us, bloody bite marks on our legs and backs! The manager was rude

, saying that they "try" but the hotel is booked for location and people don't seem to care about the bugs!

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Our New York trip was fabulous with one exception. Bed bugs at the Edison. We reported it after we found one and they moved us but the clean up when we got home was extensive and a royal pain in the neck. I had 15 of the itchiest bites I have ever had. My husband Nothing!!! This is common. It took 3 weeks for the bites to go away. I will always check from now on.

I stopped at The Edison New York Hotel in 2006, and like many others found I had been bitten by bed bug,
I periodically review postings for the hotel, because of there indifference to acknowledge my complaint at the time.
The number of complaint posted here, is testimony,Edison managment don’t care,businessman and tourist don’t like sleeping with bed bug and that a fact.

Edison Get your act together.


Ten days in Hotel Edison (16th floor) and no problems, no bugs.

we were there in mid-december 2011 , room 1437 and no issues ,.thanks.

Stayed 2nites on 3rd floor. Noticed little red bumps on arms 9 days later! Itchy. Now I worry if I brought them home! It's been 12 days since I'm home and I just realized what these bumps on my arms are! Totally disgusted!

My wife and I have stayed at the Hotel Edison numerous times without incident not to mention bedbugs; the mattress's and box springs are like granite. However, there is so much to see in New York, who cares about the room anyway as long as it is clean. In fairness bed bugs travel with people and pets also. So chill at first site of bed bug you should have moved to another room and inform the management or better yet stay home and overt the risk of bed bugs all together...

We stayed in Edison hotel for 5 nights end of July 2011. We both had been bitten all over. We saw one of them on the sheet at 3 o'clock in the morning and it was full of blood. We'll never stay in this hotel again even its good location.

I checked in September 3, 2011 and stayed for three nights. Today I'm covered in red bumps and itching like crazy. I looked for bugs but never saw them. ugh.

No bedbugs in room 1630

I was up to the hotel yesterday and I came home full of insect bites.
Avoid this hotel!

On July 15th my friends and I arrived at the Edison to attend at Yankee stadium and Paul McCartney concert. My friends received a few bites but I escaped. I had brought with me a $12 dollar shower curtain to sleep on for the two days and I never let my carry on bag touch the bed or carpet. I kept it hanging from the metal shower rod. Bed bugs do not like travelling over plastic or metal so I did not get any bites. Plus when I got home I left my bag in my car during the day which was very hot so

the bag heated up killing any bug that might have got in.
As to the Edison I have say what a dump and it sure aint worth 250 a night but because its 100 feet from time square I guess that’s why they get away with it. Next time I will stay in New Jersey.

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PEOPLE, YOU ARE MISUSING THE SITE. The purpose is to submit a report when you have spotted a bedbug, not to come on here to state that you have NOT seen one. Reading through all of these reports makes it too confusing.


I stayed in a Junior Suite at The Edison from June 4-11 and I didn't see any evidence of bed bugs. I used a flashlight to carefully check when I arrived and I kept my eyes open for the rest of the week. I also kept everything I brought in giant zip loc bags to avoid anything getting in and being brought home with me.

Stayed at the Edison from June 11th-15th, 2011. No bedbugs to report.
We booked 4 nights in a junior suite and the first room we were in was a disaster. There was wallpaper peeled off, beat up furniture(one piece of furniture was an empty TV cabinet), torn and frayed carpet. We complained and they did change our room to a nicer suite. They had no business booking anyone in that original room.
When leaving I waited over an hour for my car. The person at the counter said they didn't need to se

e my parking voucher and it was never stamped and the car was never called. Eventually the doorman outside asked if I was waiting for a car and took care of it for me. He got my car there as soon as he could. He was very helpful.
I've been to NYC several times and it will be my last stay at the Edison.

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On June 12, '11. I spotted a tiny bug crawling on the bathroom floor of our room on the 9th floor at Hotel Edison. I picked it up, using a piece of toilet paper, showed my husband and then flushed it down the toilet. I didn't think much of it until our flight home. In an onflight magazine selling random things was a bedbug killer kit, showing a picture of a bedbug! Had I known... We are doing what we can at home to avoid an infestation.

I stayed at the Edison Hotel in November 2010 for five nights with two bus loads of people from Canada. Upon arrival, we checked our room very very thoroughly, with the lights turned off we inspected the room with a flashlight. We lifted the mattress, checked in the corners where carpets meet the wall, checked behind headboards, pictures furniture, around electrical outlets, everywhere you could imagine (I mean everywhere). WE NEVER SPOTTED ONE SINGLE BED BUG DURING THE WHOLE 5 DAYS WERE WER


Yes, I agreee with others, the Hotel is quite dated, rooms are small and bathroom is very small. I am a fairly picky person when it comes to hotel accommodations and while it was not the best place I stayed it was certainly comfortable and managable. I brought my own pillow and blanket with me which made me feel a lot more comfortable while sleeping.

You cannot beat the location of the Edison hotel as it is right next door to time square and the discount ticket booth for obtaining show tickets. Would definitely stay there again because of the price and location.

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May 2, 2011
Bed bugs found in the room and hotel fumigated room. Not a great hotel anyway, would give it a 3 out of 10. Yuck!

I stayed at the Edison Hotel in September 2009 and there were bedbugs galore, folks. On the first night I woke up at around 5 in the morning itching myself; when I went to the bathroom, turned on the lights and looked in the mirror, I saw that there were bedbugs crawling on my t-shirt, and that I had been bitten all over. Bites on my face, arms etc., and badly swollen. An unapologetic manager at my request did end up comping us the night and paid for me to dry clean all my clothing. He also move

d us to a bigger room which didn't seem to have bugs, although admittedly I wore sweatpants and a sweatshirt to bed and slept on top of the covers with the lights on. We found out later from a hotel employee that the hotel gets 2-3 complaints weekly, despite using an exterminator and throwing away mattresses, etc. It's a disgusting hotel and I'd sooner eat ground glass for a year than go there again.

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I'd like to stay in new yourk may14 until 22may

Stayed at the Hotel Edison from March 15th
to the 20th 2011 . . . No bed bugs in any of the rooms . . we were with a group and no one saw or felt any bed bugs . . . The hotel is an economy hotel and it's location is perfect for exploring NYC . . the staff is so friendly and helpfull . . . I can't wait to go back to NYC and will for sure stay at the Hotel Edison.

Stayed here in December and my family found 28 bed bugs! Not kidding! They were climbing up the head board and in every layer of blanket down to the matress. They atleast refunded the room and upgraded to a bed free room.

Stayed at Edison Hotel on Jan 5th and 6th 2011 on the 6th floor. We checked the mattress lights off with a flashlight : No bed bugs !!! No bites on ourselves really confirmed there was none. Of course we kept all our clothes, bags and shoes in plastic bags placed on the rack. Washed everything with hot water at home. Will go back there, slept well and very convenient spot near Times Square.

Just stayed at the Edison from December 29 - January 1 in room 1632. No signs whatsoever of bedbug's. I was scared going down that I would find them but went through every part of the room and there was none to be found at all!




Haven't visited the hotel yet. Have reservations for New Year's Eve. I was in contact with the hotel today to inquire about the bed bug situation and was told that the bed bugs are everywhere. They check their rooms weekly and if evidence is found, the room is automatically closed off, exterminator called, and mattresses, etc. replaced. The room is not reopened until the exterminator gives them the all clear sign.

I'm still going to take precautions, check the room carefully, put my cloth

es in ziploc bags, keep all luggage off the floor, and if I find a bedbug - request a room change. Oh - and won't forget the bedbug spray.. Will let you know what I find. Have 4 rooms reserved.

Happy New Year everyone.

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Dec 24-26, 2010
Just returned from two nights at the Edison and I am happy to report it was bug free! I checked all the beds, headboard, linens, and even nightstand. No sign of them.

Absolutely no problem at Edison Hotel. Read the comments from this site before my stay, which was Dec 2-4, 2010. We were on the 3rd floor. Absolutely NO indication of any bed bugs. We did take precautions, despite the good reports I read. We did keep our bags off the floor. We piled them on the desk and kept them in Ziploc brand big bags. We got the bags at Target, in a 3 pack (under $10). We hung our 'carry on' sized bags in the closet from the hangers, just to be extra safe. Taking the bags

in and out of the HUGE ziploc bags, and taking the smaller ones off hangers, was a bit annoying. I guess, 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure' holds strong today. If you are heading to NYC, and the Edison Hotel........have FUN!

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We stayed at the Edison (room 817) from Nov. 30 to Dec. 3. We have stayed there happily many times over the years, but this time I came home with over 30 inflamed bed bug bites (confirmed by my doctor). I have been miserable with them and cannot begin to contemplate another visit. My husband slept in a different bed and did not have a problem

I stayed at the Edison the week of November 29, 2010 since the prices at some of the other hotels were outrageous. The price was so low in comparison that I was a little apprehensive. The Edison turned out to be in a great location, safe, secure and clean. No bed bugs (I checked carefully). The bead spread, pillows, sheet and blanket were very Motel-6ish. But no bed bugs.

If you're traveling on a no-frills budget, this is the place for you.

Date: 11/27/2010-12/01/2010 from Holland.
We didn't see any bed bugs in the room. I checked my bed every night. And we both have no rash.
Very good location, big room (with 2 big beds), not a five star hotel, but also not bad! If i go to New York again i would go back to the Edison.

Got back from NYC yesterday. Not one sign of a bedbug in our room 1411. Actually we were all set up in room 1005 when the heating unit went out and they put us in the other room. We also took all the precautions and looked under and behind everything. Had my bottle of spray and ziplock bags. We were there from 11/18/10 until 11/21/10. NOTHING Did wash all clothes in HOT water and dried on high heat. Never know where you may pick up the bugs

Stayed at the Edison Hotel on Saturday, Nov. 13. We checked out the room thoroughly upon arrival and again later that night after coming back from an evening out and there was no evidence of bed bugs. It was clean and we had no problems whatsoever. We stayed on the 7th floor -- room 749.

My friend and I went to NYC from 11/11/through 11/14 and stayed at the Edison. As I read the Bed Bug Registry for the Edison and other hotels, over and over again for two months I became obsessed with bed bugs and the thought that the chances of a horrible experience was all but guaranteed. I finally decided that it was crazy to live with fear when traveling. I packed a bottle of Thieves Oil spray and landed at the Edison. We tossed the bedding, mattresses, box springs, head boards, corners

of the carpets, drawers, under furniture and the draperies and found NO signs of the pest. Before leaving the room, I sprayed the everywhere on and around the bed and again whenever I came back. I am home no and have absolutely NO bites. I think I know who wrote the last report before mine, as I inquired of my next door neighbor when smelled a similar spray in the hall. She had brought her mentioned bottle with her, as did her friends who were also on the same floor. I too kept all of my clothing in doubled up zip lock freezer bags. Yes, my suit case remains in the garage and all of my clothing went into the HOT wash in my machine. The moral of the story is to pay attention to what you read on the Bed Bug Registry as their is some truth to it. However, you don't know who is writing a particular review and what the writer's agenda is. Let your calmer self take over, take the precautions that I did and go and inspect the room wherever you go and have a great time.

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After dreading my trip to the Edison from November 11-14, I am happy to say that we were bed beg FREE. We inspected thoroughly and actually sprayed the room with something we picked up from Bed Bath & Beyond. We had a wonderful trip with no signs of bedbugs. Needless to say, we did pack all of our clothes in giant zip locks and the suitcases will stay in the garage when we get home. Just in case we have a friend traveling home with us!!

We stayed on the 9th floor from Oct. 30 - Nov. 5 in a two bed room. We inspected the mattresses and box springs as well as removing the headboards and found no evidence of bedbugs.

A couple of other checks didn't find any bugs either.

I went on a girls' trip from October 21-24. We had 5 rooms on different floors and there were no bed bugs in any of the rooms. We checked the beds, behind the headboards and pictures and there was no evidence. My roommate and I kept all of our clothes in ziplocs while we were there and put it in the dryer once we got home because you can get them anywhere, not just in your room. Great hotel and great location. Can't wait to go back!

I stayed at the Hotel Edison
Oct 20 -24,2010 . .I was part of a large group -- we had 12 rooms . . No sign of bedbugs at all -- We all had a great time and the staff couldn't have been better. The rooms are great and you can't beat the price or the location. Not ONE room out of the 12 had bedbugs and we were mostly on different floors.

Staying at the Edison - 11th Floor. No bedbugs. Room very clean, and the staff is very polite. We look forward to returning to the Edison.

3 of us stayed at the Edison on Sept 13-20, 2010 in room 604. One checked all the appropriate places & none of us had any bedbug symptoms or experiences during our entire visit. I would definitely stay there again.

My wife and I stayed in room 1827, Oct 6-9, 2010. We checked the bed and floors and found no bed bugs. There were no bites on our backs. We did take the precautions of not putting the luggage on the floor. Our luggage was placed on the desk, the luggage stand and the ironing board. Our clothes were in the giant zip lock bags. We left the clean clothes in the bags and placed the dirty ones in the dresser drawers. Before you ask for this room, please be aware that it is a small room, barely big e

nough for two adults. It it should be OK for one. You might compare it to an "inside cabin" on a cruise ship but with a window. Upon arrival at home, we quarantined the luggage in the basement, and still no signs of bed bugs.

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I stayed at the Edison Hotel when in NY on business thinking it looked like a bargain ... especially given the location. What I didn't bargain for were the bed bugs. The day I returned home my back was completely covered in whelps. I visited the dermatologist and he confirmed my fears ... bed bug bites. I'll never stay in that hell hole again.

I was staying at the Edison around the end of June 2010 with 3 girlfriends. We all came back home with welts and we were all so itchy all the time!!

Turns out we brought the bed bugs from the Edison from with us.. We all had to get exterminators and I am now physically scared from all the bites I got :( I had to get rid of my bed and my futon! The bad thing is, even if you get an exterminator to come to your house, they'll most likely have to come again. The bed bug poison they use will kill

bed bugs, but not the bed bug eggs.. so once they hatch, you've got a whole new problem of bed bugs again!

What makes me angry is the Edison told us that they have never had any reports of bedbugs in their hotel. You would think with an infestation in New York, each hotel would check each room to make sure they were bedbug free.

I have such anxiety about bedbugs now!! Every time I see a little thing on the ground or on my bed I go in for a closer look to check if its a bedbug!

Thankfully.. I haven't seen one since the exterminator and haven't gotten any bites... Heres hoping they haven't laid eggs!

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Just returned from a 3 night stay at Edison. Sept 12-15th. We stayed on the 11th floor. I am happy to report bed bug FREE! I was worried after all the outbreak with bed bugs so I went prepared. ALl clothes was in sealed plastic bags, I took a magnify glass and checks both beds mattreses and even head boards.No signs at all of any bed begs, rooms was clean for an old hotel. Love the Edison and stay there every trip to NYC..

I have been staying at the Edison for years, and have never had a problem with bed bugs. I notice one report of bites over this past NYE; I too was checked into the Edison then, and no sign of bed bugs at all.

I stayed at the Edison Hotel in August 2009 for 5 nights- after the first 2 nights I was covered in bedbug bites. I was transferred to another room for the remaining 3 nights. Bedbug bits are hell when you are trying to enjoy a holiday in NY whilst 6 months pregnant!

We stayed 5 nights at the Edison, checking in June 1, 2010. Our first room was a 2 room suite but was so hot (one of the window units wasn't working), we moved to a room with 2 queen beds. I had never heard of bed bugs in a hotel and did nothing to look or protect, but WILL IN THE FUTURE ! The day before we left, I had a small rash of bites on my back , just under the arm. I thought it was a heat rash. It was worse the next day and by the time I got home, it was in 3 places on my back and near m

y breast on the side.My daughter and grandaughter slept in the other bed and did not get any bites.

I treated it for 3 days with calamine lotion and it begin to go away. Took about 10 days to leave completely. We laughted about it being bedbugs--as a joke, but then I read about the bedbugs in NYC and just today got my People magazine and this web site. SO-- I can confirm bedbugs at the Edison !

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We stayed 5 nights at the Edison in mid- August 2010. We had 2 queen beds and no bed bugs fortunately. My wife made sure we kept all our clothes and luggage off the floor.

Just returned from a 4 night stay (Aug, 2,3,4,5, 2010) at the Edison Hotel - and I hope it's okay that I'm reporting it was bed bug free for us, thankfully. First 2 nights on 19th floor, 2nd 2 nights on 10th floor, switched to a bigger room. Not the cleanest hotel, but no bedbugs!

Went to NY with my daughter week-end of July 16 thru 18 stayed at the Edison Hotel, we stayed for 2 nights and we did'nt have any problem. No bug bites,no nothing, I wonder if this is really true or it is just an urban legend, it is not the first time that I stay in NY and I never encounterd any problem, never saw any bed bug or got bitten by one.

July 30-31, 2010, Room 810. I came prepared for bed bugs after watching an MSNBC report (which you can find online). I took the recommended steps--as soon as you get to your room check for bedbug evidence--don't keep suitcase on floor, pull sheets up to check mattress & box spring, take head boards off beds and look behind them, check walls & around electric outlets & where rug & wall meet...room passed my inspection so my mom & I settled in. I had brought Rest Easy bedbug spray and used it i

n the room. I travel with a Dreamsack & anti bedbug pillow case-- that's how prepared I am to be bitten. First night I was fine and woke next day feeling confident no bedbugs would get me. Second night I was making my bedbug check and making my bed up with my Dreamsack when lo & behold I felt something on my arm. I looked at my right arm to see Mr. Bedbug in person scurrying up my arm between my hand and elbow. I brushed it off quickly and it landed somewhere in the room (that kept me up all night). I sprayed Rest Easy again and woke next day with 3 bites on my right arm between my elbow and armpit. I think the Edison had as bedbug free room as could be--I could not find any telltale signs but am suspicious of the boxspring which looked older than the mattress. I traveled with someone sharing Room 810 with me and she has thus far reported no bites. However, 3 other friends had 3 separate rooms on a higher level floor and one reported this morning that she found a line of red welts on her chest and abdomen. She had taken no precautions to check her room before settling in, etc. We all stayed at the Edison last summer with no problem, but NYC & elsewhere has a surge in bedbugs, so it'll be difficult to avoid them.

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My friend stayed at the Edison 2 weeks ago. She and her hubby were covered in bites the next morning and the sheets had the tell tale blood speckles on them. They had their room fee reduced and the sheets changed but they didn't get their room switched! On top of this, they unknowingly brought the bugs back with them. Now they've paid a ridiculous amount to have their apartment fumigated. Sure the location is great, but its not worth the hassle.

March 26-31, 2010. 6 bites sustained.
I reported to the desk, who transferred me to another room, where I sustained 5 more bites. Staff was apologetic but no other consideration offered.

I stayed at the Edison Hotel for 7 nights (dec 28-6 jan 2010) for a holiday with my family. I was in room 1404. After the first night I noticed a couple of bumps on my legs and shoulder that looked like misquito bites. Next days more and more. I didn't think too much about it, because my wife and my children have not been bitten. I informed the charlady, which a contamination of the room expressly negated. Back in Italy, I had more and more of the same bumps, at least 100 biting bumps covering t

he back of my neck, my face, down my back and on my armsn hands and legs. Home at 6th. jan I went to a clinic and the doctor constitutes a severe infection of bugs and I learned from him that new yorks hotels could have this problem.
It was a very very bad plage. Terrible!!!
Now, after more than 2 weeks is going better...
My advice: be careful and check your hotel-room!

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I stayed at the Edison for 3 nights (Nov 9-12) for a business trip. I was in room 7-44. After the first night I noticed a couple of bumps on my shoulder that looked like misquito bites, or maybe even pimples. I didn't think too much about it, but upon my return home I started noticing more and more of the same bumps. It is now Nov 15 and I have at least 30 bumps covering the back of my neck, my face, down my back and on my arms. I went to a walk-in clinic on Nov 13 because I was concerned t

hat I was infected with something that I could pass along to my child. The doctor informed me I had been exposed to bedbugs.

I wish I had acted earlier, but I only saw the two bites while still in New York. I have now learned that bedbug bites can appear up to 9 days after bitten. For me, most of them didn't appear until after I was home.

Needless to say, I won't be staying at the Edison Hotel ever again!

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I stayed at the Edison Hotel for a couple of days on a bussiness trip and got a couple of bites. I thought it was a mosquito bite. Came back home and it's been a nightmare ever since. At the beginning I thought it was mosquitoes because of summer time, but as time went by bites got so bad I started looking for answers. when I learned about bedbugs, and searched my bed and found one little brown one (from all that he fed from me I guess). When I talked to a colleague who went on the same trip and

in a different hotel room, he told me he had already through his mattress away.

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I've just heard about this website. I was in New York with my mother in August of 2007. We unfortunately encountered a bedbug and I feel it should be reported. I don't recall which room we were in, but it was at the Hotel Edison on Wednesday August 15th. We had arrived from Alberta Canada on the 14th. They didn't have two queen beds available, so gave us a room with 2 twins instead. We were we would be able to move over to another room the next day. We entered the new room at approx. 9:00

PM, and upon wakening the following morning (August 16th) found a bedbug under my pillow. The hotel took action immediately (fumegated the room - I witnessed it myself as I had to go back into the room to retrieve something I'd forgotten in a dresser) and up-graded us to a suite. No bites luckily, but my suitcases are still sitting in my garage in Alberta just in case eggs were brought into Canada.

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