Eastgate Tower Hotel
222 E 39th St
New York, NY

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We stayed there the last week of May 2011 and had no problems. Our stay was great, the beds were comfortable, the room was clean and we didn't have any nasty visitors, nor did we bring any home with us...

I have stayed at this hotel many times without incident, but I was concerned when I saw Gina's report. I contacted management before my most recent stay (14 -20 January 2011) and they assured me that the report was in error: they had thoroughly checked the room after the report and found no trace of bedbugs. I can add that my own experience this time was not disrupted by bedbugs or any other vermin. Room was clean, bed was comfortable and the stay was without incident.

Stayed at hotel from Sept 10 through Sept 15, hotel wasn't the cleanest but didn't expect the Ritz Carlton due to the fact that it was an economy hotel. Our room was picked up daily but I definately would not say that there has been a thorough cleaning there in quite some time. I now have returned home and 9 days later have mysterious bumps appearing on my body, I have been doing a lot of research and have come up with that I have been attacked by bed bugs. The symptoms may appear immediately or

may take up to 14 day after exposure, the bites are on my legs, arms, elbows, neck, wrist, a few on my face and a couple on my torso. The bites are slightly itchy but also are a bit tender, the most identifying area is on my wrist where there are three bites in a perfect line which I have found to be very common with bed bugs know as "breakfast, lunch and dinner". I have checked my own bedding and there isn't any trace of bed bugs nor do my husband or daughter have any signs and they did not go with me to New York.

I beleive the room was 16C, it was definately the 16th floor and when you exited the elevator it was the room at the end to the right a two bed two bath suite.

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