Doubletree Guest Suites
1568 Broadway
New York, NY 11207

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Can't remember which room I stayed in, but it was on 11/28/15. I looked at the bed before I got in it, but didn't know that I had to peel the bedding back to check. The sheets looked clean. The next day, I discovered a rash on my lower back. It covered a significant area. I have no allergies, so this was troubling. I suspected it might have been bed bugs, but obviously couldn't be sure. I just looked online after seeing a report about them and my rash looked exactly like a bed bug rash.

I called the hotel this morning and left a message. I will ask them to check the room I occupied... hopefully they have a record. I'm pretty sure the room was on the 36th floor.

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Rm 1601...BED BUG bites...2/14/15 - 2/17/15. Called to let them know and they pretty much ignored me...told me "the people in the room now aren't complaining." My arms and neck are killing me! Sucks considering how much I paid for this experience.

September 13-15, 2014

We stayed in room 4204 for two nights. Everything was great, no bugs, no bites, clean and well maintained. The staff was super helpful and professional. This hotel is right in the middle of Times Square across the street from TKS, so it is a little bit of a hassle to get to with all the tourists, but once inside it was quiet and comfortable.

08/16/14 My Family stayed for a long weekend, My 4yo son slept on the pull out couch. When we came home he had 15-20 bites on him, more now it looks like he carried some home.... very annoying

stayed july 25,26,27...came home and 5 days later...18 bug bites erupted on my one thigh and 9 on the other...never ever happened to me and travel everywhere...came home and fumigated my house, purses and luggage...still suffering from the bites..

Stayed here this weekend on the 9th floor. Did the usual inspection, and found nothing in the bed or on curtains. I did see 1 bedbug walking on the bathroom floor, and quickly disposed of it.

Stayed for one night on the 10th floor. My parents slept in the bedroom and my boyfriend and I were on the pullout couch. We did the usual check behind headboard mattress and boxspring, chairs, furniture, couch and pull out matress, and chest of bedding.

No problems at all. One of the cleanest hotel rooms I have ever seen! Surprisingly quiet for the area it is in, the middle of Times Square district, and my parents said the bed was the nicest they have ever slept in. The pullout wasn't too ba

d, certainly fine for a night or two.

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