Dexter House Hostel
345 W 86th St Ste 10024
New York, NY 10024

Found 3 reports:

I was in the laundry room and a resident from the 15th floor reported that he came back from a vacation and his whole hallway had been infected with bedbugs. Five minutes later a tourist came in and was very upset because her whole room , also on the 15th floor had been infested with bedbugs, She was trying to wash everything she had and was very distraught as it is not easy to get rid of bedbugs once you get them. Many others in the hotel (4th floor, section C) have told me about the dangers.

Also someone who was known to have bedbugs was using the laundry facilities and washing with cold water. This can't be helpful.

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350 WEST 85TH STREET. A number of the building has reported bed bug in 5+ rooms in the building.

To whom this may concern:

The problem here already became an infestation spreading from room to room. I reside in this location and since the Dexter House Hotel started bringing tourist into the building and having hostel room available. I saw a couple and I looked at her arm and she was biting in more than a hundred places, I told her that it was bed bugs, and the poor woman went to the drug store and they told her it was mosquito bites. The room in question is room #1302... But I seen other

tourist in the building with the same problem...

see full report...

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