Courtyard by Marriott Midtown East
866 3rd Ave
New York, NY 11232

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Horrible place to stay. Lots of reports of bedbugs. I'm never staying there!!

HORRIBLE BED BUG INFESTATION!! DON'T STAY HERE!! Stayed for two nights 3/21/14 and 3/22/14. Don't be fooled by the recent renovation. Woke up the second morning with 40 bed bug bites on both my legs. Called hotel management who arrived with a police officer. The police officer confirmed that I was bitten by bed bugs. However, hotel management Diane Benner would not take responsibility for my bites and told me that I was not bitten!! She went on to say that they would have an inspection compan

y come and inspect the room. I told her I don't need a report from a inspection company to determine whether or not I was bitten. The proof lies with my badly bitten legs. I decided to throw out my suitcases rather than risk bringing a possible infestation into my home. Spoke to corporate representative Erika Apagas for minor compensation for inexpensive suitcases, which was less than the price of one night's stay. Her response was that the property did multiple inspections and I am not entitled to any compensation! Marriott hides behind these "rogue" inspections to avoid responsibility. SHAME ON YOU MARRIOTT!! They did not offer me a free night,extra points on my rewards card...NOTHING!! It made me sick to see unsuspecting, good hard working folks from across America check into this hotel with their families for Spring Break. People trust the Marriott brand...DON'T BE FOOLED!! They don't care and you will pay the price to the tune of thousands of dollars to eradicate the infestation from your home, if you leave one of their properties infested. Good Luck!

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Stayed at Courtyard at Marriott Midtown East on 2/16/2014-2/18/2014. Woke up the next day with 5 little bed bug bites. The hotel has been redone, but I think the beds must be the somewhat old.

I stayed at this hotel June 6th - June 9 2013th
on the 25th Fl. and woke up to multiple bites on me. Although the hotel is newly renovated the problem still persist.

Love this Marriott but during my stay last month June 2, 2011-June 4th, I was in for a nasty surprise. Woke up on the morning of checkout with a rash on my face and covered in bites. My friend and I shared a bed but she made a clean escape. Didn't report it to the hotel because I'm sure they know about the problem.

I stayed at the Marriott Midtown East on four separate occasions (different rooms each time) between January 18 and February 3, 2011. On February 7, 2011 we noticed a bed bug in our bed at home at night, when we woke up in the middle of the night to feed our baby. We did not know what it was at the time and had Terminix come two days later, who confirmed it was a bed bug. Over the next few weeks, we had a number of extermination professionals come, and a bed bug dog from a recommended thermal

treatment company confirmed bed bugs in four spots around our bed, after checking the house (but found no other signs of bed bugs in the house). We had thermal treatment done of the house and got rid of the bed, boxspring, frame and headboard anyway. I called the Marriott to tell them about this on 2/28/11 and spoke to the assistant manager (I wish I had called earlier, but the whole time period was so crazed with dealing with the problem). He then put me in touch with corporate security or loss prevention for Marriott in general. After following up with them (they did not call me back initially as promised), they simply said that they checked the rooms I stayed in (no further explanation as to how or when the rooms were checked) and I am trying to get more information. I was told the hotel would not reimburse me for my stay or for the cost of the treatment. I have not stayed in any other hotels any time recently and my entire office suite in NYC was checked twice for bed bugs by a bed bug dog since this problem occurred and nothing was found. Our cars were also checked and nothing was found.

I see that there are other previous posts for this hotel, which I wish I had read in advance. In addition, around the time I called, I was told by a co-worker that there were union signs outside the hotel stating that the hotel had bed bugs (management confirmed the sign was there).

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September, 2010

It seems like there is a nationwide epidemic of bed bugs For someone who has never been bitten by bed bugs, I thought my incident would serve as a valuable story. I recently stayed at the Marriott Chicago and had one of my worst hotel nights. I thought I should share this with all because bed bugs are not typically heard of in top-notch hotels like Marriott.

I was bit by bed bugs at Marriott

more than ten times, including several bites on my face. At 1am in the night, I woke up with more than five bed bugs crawling on my bed. I was totally panicked and called hotel staff to change my room. They did change my room, but it ruined my business trip and the complete following week.

What’s the lesson? Well, Marriott does not mean “no bed bugs”! You might pay $400 or $200 to Marriott but still suffer from bed bugs.

I have attached real photos of beg bugs from my incident.

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We stayed at the Fairfield Inn by Marriott in Edison, NJ on December 8, 2007. My daughter was bitten at least five times by bed bugs and they hitched a ride home with us via her suitcase. We've been battling bedbugs for 3 months now at great expense to our bank account and our nerves. Calls and e-mails to Marriott go unreturned. Marriott just doesn't care!

Stayed in mid November in one of the disabled rooms on the 18th floor and slept on the pull out couch. Brought back Bedbugs to Toronto. A nightmare.

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