Courtyard Mariott
3 E 40th St
New York, NY 11203-2101

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The bed bugs bite my dick.

No Bed Bugs!

We had a "sisters trip" here Sept. 17 - 20 2010. I am a paranoid freak.. We stripped the beds, searched the mattress, headboard etc. and nothing (thank God!). I have stayed here 3 times now and will in the future. ALTHOUGH, I WILL KEEP CHECKING THIS SITE FOR UPDATES!

I read this complaint and was ver reluctant to stay at the Marriott courtyard. we stayed on oct 8th for one night. This Marriott was very clean
and had no bed bugs. We had 4 rooms in the hotel
and not one person complained about bed bugs. The staff was very accommaindating. Overall experence
was excellent.

This report was posted to this site on 04-13-09, but for some reason does not appear.

We stayed at this Courtyard Marriott Fifth Avenue in April 2009. I stayed for two nights, while my mother stayed for three nights. Upon returning home---she to her home within the US and I to my home in Europe---we both broke out COVERED in bites. My mother's doctor confirmed they were bed bug bites. These bites can take up to nine days to manifest. Despite notifying the hotel, they claim to have had a pest

control company check, as well as checked with current room occupants about possible infestation. I doubt they've done either. Their hotel was the only place where we both stayed. Stay elsewhere or prepare to be a tasty meal for BED BUGS.

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