Comfort Inn
305 W 39th St
New York, NY 10018-1401

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Room on the ground floor of the hotel (worst hotel room ever by the way) shows evidence of infestation. I found a couple of skins in the cracks in the headboard after a careful look. On the plus side, I also discovered that the room has been treated fairly recently. Lots of insecticide powder in the room. The outlets have all been treated, as well as the headboard. Power all around the base of the carpet. So while bedbugs were definitely here, I suspect the room has been professionally exte

rminated. So that's good news. I will still be "sterilizing" my clothes and luggage when I get home tomorrow!

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On September 3rd we stayed overnight at the Times Square South Hotel at 305 W 39th St, (39th St and 8th Ave), New York City, NY 10018. At the time we stayed there we felt that the hotel was what we expected. It seemed clean with a friendly staff.

About a week and a half after staying there, however, my oldest daughter presented her arm after waking up in the morning and it was covered with a line of what looked like very inflamed mosquito bites. At first I had no idea what these bites were.

With more research we discovered they were bedbug bites. They are in a line, up her arm in a typical pattern and have (at the time I am writing this) still not completely disappeared. The information I read explained that the welts can take up to two weeks to appear on the host. After speaking to my daughter she reminded me that on her way out of the hotel in the morning she found what she believed to be a small tick crawling on the arm that the bites later appeared on. She brushed it off on the city street before I could inspect it.

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