Chelsea Star Hotel
300 W 30th St
New York, NY

Found 3 reports:

Stayed here one night setember 2012.
Brought some bedbugs home too the Netherlands.

Its turning into a huge plague at home

Rentrons de New York où nous avons séjourné dans cet hôtel, à la chambre 1R. Une seule personne sur 5 a été mordue par des punaises de lit. L'hôtel semble avoir été traité (comme plein d'autres à NY)mais si vous êtes sensible vous serez embêté(e).
C'est le seul point noir de cet hôtel, le reste est ok (emplacement, calme...).

Stayed here winter 2008, brought home a severe case of bed bugs. This was the second time I stayed here (first time was 2006 or 2007 also winter) judging by the fact that all the problems they had during my first stay were still not fixed by my second stay I would guess that although it's two years later, they probably still have bed bugs. This place is gross in the first place and not worth the money or hassle or sleepless nights from all the traffic and bar/strip club noise. So even if you thi

nk maybe they've solved their bed bug problems (which I HIGHLY doubt), don't stay here, it's not worth however much money you save over other hotels or taking the risk, everyone who works there is an a-hole, the neighborhood is the sketchiest in all of manhattan, the place is a depressing dump, wifi doesn't work, they have two tv channels, the temperature is always uncomfortable and street noise is extremely loud and never stops because it's too close to port authority and penn station and all the 24 hour porn stores and strip clubs. I couldn't live in my apartment for 5 months after staying at this place in order to get rid of the bed bugs and had to throw out almost all my furniture. My apartment went from gorgeous and homey to looking like something out of a horror movie. Having bed bugs was one of the worst experiences of my life.
I also wrote the hotel to complain about the fact that they gave me bedbugs and I didn't get a response, not a sorry, not a denial, just nothing.

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