Chelsea Pines Inn
317 W 14th St
New York, NY 10014-5001

Found 2 reports:

We stayed in Room 402 and woke up after the first night with red welts all over us. The manager tried to suggest that we got mosquito bites from opening the window or went somewhere else where we got the bites. After the manager processed our refund, I went back to the room. It smelled of pesticide, the sheets were off the bed, and there were two cans of bedbug spray on the floor.

We were visiting friends, who found this charming looking hotel near their flat. The reviews were very good, tho staying there was a big mistake. By morning we both felt itchy, and had red welts on our legs, arms, and backs. We notified the front desk, thinking the bed could be infested with fleas from their cat. The manager said we probably brought them in!!! We were in room 403.

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