Chelsea International Hostel
251 W 20th St
New York, NY 10011

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Stayed at this Hostel for 8 days (31.5-8.6.2013) this year and there were no signs of bedbugs! Really clean rooms and beds. I can really recommend this hostel :)

This is my third stay at the Chelsea International Hostel in three months. None of the three rooms I have stayed in have bedbugs, in my opinion, at the date of writing.
I should know. In high school, in southern India, my sister and I were bitten by these pesky critters most nights. However, they must have preferred my blood to hers, because I woke up every morning with more than twice as many bites as she had.
Fortunately, I haven't woken up with a single bite in the seven weeks in total

I've stayed here.
Keep up the good work! Us itinerants depend on you to keep our skins unblemished!

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