Chelsea Hotel
222 W 23rd St
New York, NY

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About three months ago, the exterminator for the building told me that he was being fired because they found bedbugs in room 425. There has been a new exterminator visit only once in three months.

Performed a full sweep of room 718 with one of our accedited Bed Bug dogs, and reported that this room was clean... no bed bug eveidence found.

you should probably call the airline too.... let them know that there was a bed bug on their plane - or that you might have brought on on so they can take care of it..... or lots of other will be exposed..... dear God help us all.

April 15, 2008. Chelsea Hotel, Room 718.

My husband and I stayed for one night at the Chelsea Hotel, a very cool, artsy and infamous place. We stayed with a friend for the previous 3 nights of our trip. Upon arriving home on April 16 I noticed a few itchy bumps on my arms and hand. My husband called me from Connecticut saying he was covered in welts and itching like crazy. I saw a weird bug on the window next to my seat on my flight home and wondered what it was. After researching on

the internet I know it was a bed bug. My husband also spoke to someone in Connecticut who informed him there is somewhat of an epidemic of bed bugs in NYC. I remarked on our last day in NYC about the insecticide trucks with "bed bugs our specialty" that I kept seeing in NYC. I knew to expect some amount of bloodsucking in NYC but not like this. Ew.

I sent an email to the hotel. My husband will follow-up with a phone call.

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