Belvedere Hotel
319 W 48th St
New York, NY
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Just stayed here this week. I purposely booked this hotel because there had been no reports listed since 2012. Upon arrival, I did a thorough inspection of the mattresses and headboards and bedding. There was no evidence of bedbugs anywhere. In fact, the mattress was new..from November 2014. The room had recently been renovated and was clean. I'm happy to report that we had no evidence of any bedbugs during our two night stay. And I woke up in the middle of the night and checked the bright white

sheets around me to be sure. Nothing! Yay Belvedere Hotel!

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We stayed at this hotel on Sept.15-16th, we had 2 rooms, shortly after returning home, my son and daughter both had red bumps and welts, not until we actually spotted bugs on one bed did we know what a horrible problem we had on our hands !!!

Stayed here for two nights in March 2012. Room appeared clean but woke up with two red, itchy welts on my arm the morning of the second day. Don't appear to have brought anything home with me.

I stayed at the Belvedere on January 12-14 2012. No bed bugs. The room was very clean and in very good shape.

no description

I stayed on the 11th floor Dec 13 - 17 2011
no bed bugs visible and no problems.
I was reluctant to book this hotel because it showed up on the list. However, given the past few posts are all coming up bug free, I decided to give it a try.

I too, like one of the previous posts am curious as to their "aggressive control" and what this actually means. I had meant to ask a manager while I was there, but forgot.

I tend to be overly sensitive to both mold as well as chemicals, however I had n

o problems in the room I was in.
good job Belvedere.

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We stayed for 2 nights and the room was bug-free

Had a group of 26 people occupying 11 rooms at the Belvedere May 18 - 21, 2011. Found all guest rooms and the entire hotel to be clean and bug free. Appreciate the vigilance of this property in persuing their "aggressive" mitigation program.

March 28-31, 2011 Glad to report no bedbugs.

I stayed at the Belvedere hotel for my birthday in early December. Hotel was clean, staff courteous and there were NO BED BUGS! The firehouse nearby was loud and that was my only complaint. Since there is a bedbug infestation in NYC I think the hotel management should embark on an aggressive fumugation policy to prevent any bedbugs. Loved the Belvedere but a bit noisy,

Julie 11/24/10

My family and I stayed at this hotel for the first time. We come to NY every year and stay at various hotels. By far, this hotel was the cleanest,biggest room for the $, and most friendly staff of any around. The location was awesome because Times Square is right there yet its off on a side street just enough for the peace and quiet. We will be back next year!!

I do not have anything to report, but am curious, since we are considering staying at this hotel, as to exactly what the Management means when they say they have an aggressive extermination policy? The last thing I want to experience is sleeping in a bed that has been dipped in pesticide. I am not a fan of being bitten by bed bugs, and an even lesser fan of being exposed to pesticides. Thus, I think it's incumbent on not only the part of the Belvedere Hotel's management, but all hotel's manag

ement, to tell their guests exactly HOW they are treating for bed bugs. I've read quite a bit about disinsection aboard airplanes. It's not pleasant reading. Is the management of the Belvedere Hotel willing to share how they treat/have treated for bedbugs?

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Stayed over last night with some co-workers. We had two rooms and both were pest-free!

Just got back from the Belvedere on 10/26/10. No bugs, very comfortable room. Good job Belvedere!

We stayed in this hotel in late October, 2010 and had a wonderful stay. We checked the room carefully for bedbugs but didn't find any. The room was very clean and comfortable and the staff friendly. Will stay there again.

We stayed at the Belvedere October 17,18,19th and had no bites at all. The room was clean and attractive. We had a great stay in NYC. Its been a week and no critters yet. While in NY though, we rode in cabs, buses,subway, went to restaurants, a Broadway show(merely excellent!)so we had plenty of chances to get infested. We did however, get to shake hands with Vanessa Redgrave(gracious lady)and Kelsey Grammer. Also spotted James Earl Jones. I can hardly wait to get back.

I too recently learned about this site, otherwise I would have reported this sooner. During a multi-day visit to the Belvedere in March 2009 it took THREE tries before I was given a room I could actually sleep in.

The first room I was given had a bug of some sort clinging to the blanket when I turned to back the covers to check the bed for cleanliness (which is the first thing I do when I check into ANY hotel room). I immediately reported this to the front desk, and shortly afterwards I was

given a room a few floors down. I am not sure what the hotel's procedures are for inspecting rooms, but based on my experience they did not check under the mattress in the second room I was given. When my friend and I were checking the bed for cleanliness, we discovered a brown paper lunch bag containing some pretty gross used items hidden between the mattress and the box spring. At this point, I again called the front desk and asked to see the manager. The manager came up to the room promptly, and his expression dropped when he saw the contents of the brown bag. I was then given yet another room that he said he personally inspected as well as complimentary breakfast for the duration of my stay.

I was very disappointed by this experience as I had been very pleased with all of my prior stays at the Belvedere in terms of location, cleanliness, and the level of professionalism of their staff. I hope they will get a grip on the bed bug problem because I personally will not even consider staying there again until there has been a length of time when there are no bed bug and/or cleanliness complaints posted here and on other hotel review sites.

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Response to the General Manager: what nonsense. I only found about about the existence of this wonderful website very recently, and likely this was the case for the guest you've chosen to personally attack.

Previous posts do suggest a persistent pattern of bedbug complaints from your establishment.

Please note that the last posting was posted by a guest who said they stayed at the hotel a year ago. Why wait a year before making such a serious statement?

None of the previous guests who posted comments actually saw a bed bug in the hotel. It is very misleading to the readers when those posting comments are assuming they were bitten by bed bugs at the hotel. Bed bugs have been found at many popular area retail stores, movie theaters, restaurants and on public transportation. Itâ€

s very possible they got the bites from another source other than the Belvedere Hotel. It is very unfair to this hotel and the hotel industry as a whole to make unfounded accusations, especially on the topic of bed bugs.

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I stayed in this hotel back in early September 2009 (same weekend as the MTV Video Music Awards) and experienced bed bug bites on both legs. My doctor confirmed these were bed bugs. I had not stayed anywhere else within a month of my visit to the Belvedere and I did not have bites after I used the creme regimen, so they had to have come from there.

We take great pride in our hotel and in the services we offer and have a very aggressive extermination program in place. Our staff inspects every room prior to check-in. Because of the increase in bed bug activity in the US, our room inspections include checking for the presence of bugs and insects. If anything is found during this process or reported by any guest, we immediately call an outside extermination company for treatment and we do not sell the room until it is pest free.  This pr

ogram also covers regular maintenance inspections and treatments when necessary.

As recently reported by many news sources, there is a higher than usual incident of bed bug infestations in New York City. Not only have bed bugs been reported in hotels, but they have been found in many other locations including popular retail chains, movie theaters, and public transportation vehicles. Bed bugs are brought into hotels by guests who have been in contact with them elsewhere. No hotel is exempt.  Bed bugs do not discriminate between hotel brand, cleanliness, star rating or any other factor.  What does distinguish a hotel above the rest is how aggressive they treat for bed bugs in the rare occurrence of a sighting or infestation.  I am confident that our aggressive extermination program addresses this issue so that our guests are ensured a safe and comfortable stay free of any bug infestations.    

There was no sighting of a bed bug in any of the reports posted on this site for the Belvedere Hotel. It’s quite possible that the bites came from another source or were not from bed bugs at all.

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Stayed in Mid April, end room on 10th Floor. On the end of 2nd day, started getting welts on skin mildly itchy, I would say 60 plus bites on my legs, back, arms, and sides. The telltale sign was a large cluster along where my underwear line would be, usually a sign of bug bites. Being from Florida where there are no outbreaks as of yet, it took about a week and a half to put together that this was bedbug bites, my dermatologist didn't even know what they were. I called a manager at Belveder

e and he claimed to inspect room, said he saw nothing in the room.

Red marks were completely visible 2 months later, and still have some. Dr. prescribed best cream on the market but didn't clear up it up 100%.

A friend told me to sue, next time I will as this was/is very uncomfortable and the marks are really unsightly.

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We stayed at the Belvedere Hotel June 3 - 6th 2010. Received over 40 bites during the 4 days. A few bites upon waking the first night, a few more the next and then they continued to show up. Went to the doctor for treatment, but it still took over three weeks for the bites to go away and some are still fading. Wore bandages on the most obvious, just so I wouldn't scare anyone. I told the hotel upon leaving what I suspected and they seem to take a poractive attitude, I hope so for everyones sake.

Its a nightmare.

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I stayed at the Belvedere in NYC on the night of April 13, 2010. A week after being home from that trip (in N. Virginia) we now have bed bugs in our bed rooms. I don't recall being bitten in the hotel room (1519), all I know is before the trip we had no bed bugs and now we do.

In all fairness, the bugs could have come from other sources, but there must be a problem with them in NYC because there is a big public info billboard in Time Square that says "NY has bed bugs". The week before this t

rip to NY we were in UT visiting family, but none of them have complained or been affected by bed bugs, so it's highly unlikely that they came from there.

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