Belnord Residence Hotel
209 W 87th St
New York, NY

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Room 208 - I stayed for 3 nights and after the 3rd one my hands and legs were covered with red itchy bites. Horrible! This hotel has a bed bug problem - beware!

My husband and I traveled to NYC in July of 2009 and stayed at the Belnord Hotel at 209 W. 87th Street.

This is a quaint, boutique hotel located in a residential neighborhood. Let me say that it appeared that the hotel had been completely renovated recently: new bathroom tile and fixtures, new hardwood floors, draperies and bedding, so we expected a pleasant 3-night stay at this hotel.

When we returned to our room 201, from a busy day of sightseeing shortly after midnight the first night

, we got ready for bed and settled in for a good night's sleep. My husband was doing some paperwork on the bed, and sighted the first bedbug around 1:00 a.m. crawling on his papers. This resulted in a frantic look around the room that yielded 4 more bedbugs, one which was actually crawling out of one of his pillows.

We immediately notified the hotel staff, who apologized profusely and moved us about as far from our current room 201 as they could, to room 322. This was an upgraded suite, which again appeared to have been completely renovated recently. Needless to say, it was several hours before we could thoroughly inspect this new room for bedbugs and finally settle in to sleep. We finished our remaining weekend stay in this room without incident, but yuck, what an experience.

I had to thoroughly inspect and vacuum our luggage when returned home so we didn't bring any of those critters home with us!

Travelers, beware room 201 at the Belnord in NYC!!

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Room number 491, May 2009. Two twin beds in this very very small room. No closet or hook to even hang a coat on. The air conditioning in our room wasn't working when we arrived and had to be fixed. The worst thing was the bed bugs. After staying there for a week we were absolutely covered in red itchy bites.

this hotel is disgusting and I am now completely covered with bed bug bites. Warn everyone not to stay here. read for other bed bug bite encounters at this hotel. I, unfortunately, didn\'t read until after returning home!

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