Beekman Tower Hotel
Three Mitchell Place 49th Street & 1st Avenue, New York
New York, NY

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Lots of reports bad place to stay. My friend gas stayed here lucky she didn't get anything but it was everywhere and she is never staying there again ...stay away

My husband and I were looking for a weekend getaway and decided to stay at Beekman Tower. Unfortunately, after the first night we woke up with red bump-like bites on our legs almost like a rash. We have unfortunately dealt with bed bugs in the past and are all too familiar with them.

Upon bringing this to the management's attention they were uncooperative and failed to acknowledge our situation and dissatisfaction. They offered us a complimentary upgrade but that didn't seem to put us at muc

h ease. Long story short they refused to refund our money and it was a disappointing stay. I hope this will help others to avoid going through a similar experience.

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We spent 3 nights from the 20th of December 2010. We stayed on the 20th floor and our suite was clean and free of any bugs. Nice bedding. We enjoyed very comfortable sleeps and hope to return soon.

Stay at the beginning of the month for three issues
Nor did my associate 6 floors above me. We told of all new bedding put in only this past August- not because of issues but as an upgrade to what they had. Place was clean and we slept like babies

I stayed at the Beekman Hotel in late July for a week. I experienced red bumps and marks on my upper thighs, lower legs and a few on the buttocks. I was not aware of the bed bug situation until I saw the results on my legs and investigated further. I enjoyed my stay at the Beekman and hoping this epidemic is cleared up by the next time I stay there.

November 2009
Stayed at the Beekman Tower Hotel for 4 nights. About one week after I came home I started to take up with itching red spots. After doing extensive research I found those to be bed bug bites. I spent hundreds of dollars on products to get rid of the bugs (bed casing, fogger,...) and succeeded the second time. Still have my bed in the middle of the room now with its "legs" covered with double-sided ultra-strong tape so every bug who survived and tries to enter my bed sticks on it.

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