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503 W 122nd St
New York, NY 10027-5825

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There is an ongoing bedbug infestation in 503 West 122nd Street (residential building). From Fall 2009 to Summer 2010, the tenants of two apartments had bugs crawling around in mattresses and furniture. Residents threw out numerous items to try to rid ourselves of the pests. While the landlord nominally paid for extermination, the exterminators were of a very poor quality, and did not thoroughly deal with the issue. They seemed completely uninterested in trying to find the root of the problem or

deal with it effectively. Items were discarded without proper sealing on the street and in the apartment garbage area. I know because I threw out many of them myself. I highly suspect that many other apartments in the building are compromised. The apartment has numerous other issues such as leaking sewage, rodents, pests, and impoverished tenants who create unsanitary conditions in the apartments and public spaces. Many of the newly "renovated" apartments are being rented at market prices to Columbia students and other potential renters, with no information about the problem. The landlord is almost impossible to deal with and will ignore requests for assistance as long as possible.

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