75 Wall Street
75 Wall St, #31
New York, NY 10005-3102

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This address is the Andaz Wall Street, a Hyatt Hotel. It is part residence and part hotel guests. I stayed as a hotel guest the 1st week of May 2013 in room #1507. I did a very thorough checking of my room (so I thought) before unpacking. The headboard was attached to the king-sized platform bed so I was unable to check behind it. I found no evidence of bedbugs so I settled in, cautiously. The 2nd morning I felt something pinch me on my chest while in bed. I swatted at it and went back to sleep

. When I woke up a few hours later I found red bites on my chest. I knew immediately what they were and started searching the bed for the buggers. I found 2 tiny red nymphs on the sheets. I packed up as fast as I could and went in search for the manager. Management acted swiftly and professionally, while stating they have never before had a bedbug incident. I asked to be moved to another room at least 2 floors away and I was. Management told me they would have their experts EcoLab check the room and they would report back to me. They later confirmed 2 bedbugs were found. Management paid for my clothes to be laundered, reimbursed me for new luggage and my stay was comped as a result of my being proactive. While I hope never to repeat this experience ever again, I believe Andaz management did all they could to remedy a nasty situation.

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