La Quinta Inn New York City Queens
37-18 Queens Blvd
Long Island City, NY 11101

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October 16th
I stayed for two nights with teammates. There were four of us in room 427 and only I walked away with bites. I guess my blood just attracted all of them. But now I have bites all over my body. The bites started showing on Monday morning, the day after I got back on Sunday evening. I'm now extremely worried about it being not only in my room but also my girlfriend's room, and my roommates in the apartment I live in. Also, by the looks of it, it is clearly not the only time that bed

bugs have been reported for room 427. This needs to be addressed with this hotel before someone else has to deal with this.

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Oct 08-10 2015 room 427 - bites on my whole body (forehead, hands, arms, legs, neck and back). Apparently they didn't inspect the floor after the report from Sept/29. Don't go there! You will be devoured.

25 September 2015, found multiple nymphs on bed in fourth floor room. Took one in a cup to desk and was offered a different room.

Stayed Aug 3-6 2012 in room 304 and was devoured by bed bugs. On my face, neck, arms, hands, feet and legs. I had to go to the doc as soon as I got back to get meds to cope with the agony of the bites.

There were bedbugs in Room 408 of La Quinta Inn -- LIC as of September 17, 2009. I spotted them on the third morning of my stay. My arms and neck were spotted with bites, but I wasn't sure they were bed bugs until I actually saw the bugs on my sheets and killed them. I reported the problem to the front desk and they moved me to a new room within a reasonable amount of time. My new room did not appear to have bed bugs.

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