Days Inn
3136 Queens Blvd
Long Island City, NY

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Stayed at Days Inn, 31-36 Queens Blvd, Long Island City from Oct 21st, 2013 until Oct 31st, 2013.
All but one family members got Bed Bugs bites (room 402). Bed sheets had brown stains. Never had any bites before anywhere in the US (been traveling to the US for over 15 years)

The one kid who did not get bed bugs bites slept on his inflatable mattress.

Manager (Rahul) made us change room immediately and said he'd refund for our stay but then (after we had left) decided not to refund us and

been lying about it (even though we have pictures of bites, stained bed seets and a recording of him saying he'd refund us for the stay). We have just pressed charges with that evidence over here in France.

Manager later claimed it came with our suitcase probably at the airport even though our clothes all came from the same suitcase and one of kids (the one sleeping on his inflate mattress never got any bite).

Please just avoid this hotel because of that behaviour. Bed bugs apparently can occur but not honoring your word and your customers should get you fired !

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We Checked in on Aug 26, 2011 room 605 and we were transferred to room 609 on the 27th of august 2011. On our check out date Aug 28 im about to extend our stay i just noticed my thighs was biten by bugs I reported donwstairs and showed me a pest control receipt that they were just sprayed Aug 25, 2011. I cannot understand it. I have been in hotels in Ramada and Howard Johnson all in Long Island City and in Super 8 in Jamaica and Brooklyn but I never had bed bug bites experience. Add to that that

their ceiling collapse to the bathtub in the bathroom. I need an umbrella when taking a shower in their bathroom. Honestly and no kidding.
Such a dismay to the Hotel Chains of Wyndham Group.
I have taken pictures of the whole room when I left to give proof to this hotel that it happened to them and I am not a producer of fake documents.

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Here now 2 in the morning... Bedbugs crawls across the sheet. I have bites too. I caught it and sealed it in a plastic bag. I will show management in the morning.

I stayed here for a night and woke up with multiple bites on my arms and legs. I had a closer look at the mattress that morning where I discovered bed bugs hidden in the lining of the mattress. Needless to say I left immediately that morning with a refund.

I stayed at the Days Inn, Long Island City on July 7&8, 2011. I was watching TV at 2am, when I saw a bed bug crawl across the sheet that was covering me. I jumped up & tore apart both beds to find several other bed bugs. I stormed down to the might desk person, who looked at me as though I had 3 heads. He said that all he could do is give us another room, c101.

I will never stay at another hotel, without first checking for bed bug reports. If I would have remembered to do this, I would

have seen all of these reports and I would not have stayed there.

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hi, i stayed about 2 weeks, from june 15 until july 1, 2011.
in the room 301 after 1 week appeared about 10 bed bugs bites on my shoulder and arm, i've seen many bed bugs on the bed, pillows and sheets, manager immediately moved me at room 604, next night same problem, in the middle of the night i moved to the basement, room c 101, but i went to the pharmacy buying insect spray and insect repellent (3 am).

We were staying at the Days Inn LIC for one week, Jan 01 until Jan 08, and my husband had many bed bug bites - mine just appeared when we got home, his were visible the third day of our stay. We talked to the manager and he offered to give us another room - well, that wouldn't solve the problem. We found a bed bug crawling over the mattress one morning - so we're sure it wasn't anything else.

I stayed at the hotel on Thursday, 10/28. By following day I had received dozens of bedbug bites. The hotel refunded my charges without comment. I cancelled my future stay there.

We stayed in room 312 at the Days Inn on Queens Boulevard in Long Island City, NY. The date was September 26th, 2009. 24 hours later, my wife broke out from head to toe. Not knowing what it was, she went to the doctor, who confirmed that they were bedbug bites.

When I called the hotel to complain, I was told that there was no manager on duty and that I could call back later if I wanted. The hotel showed no awareness of the how severe a problem bedbugs are at a hotel.

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