Econo Lodge Dewitt
3400 Erie Blvd E
De Witt, NY 13214-1636

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Date: November 10 2013
I'm paranoid about bedbugs ever since I discovered one during one of my past hotel stays.
When I arrived, I asked the front desk if they have ever had or have bedbugs.
His response was "I will not answer that question".
Well this response certainly made me question things.
Before formally checking in, I went to inspect the room where I found multiple bedbugs between the mattress and the boxspring.
I came back down to inform the front desk what I found, and they at

tempted to look surprised.
I don't appreciate them acting in such a deceptive kind of way just to get business.
I left this hotel and stayed at another hotel with no bedbugs, and a very nice and accommodating front desk.

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