Siena Hotel Spa Casino
1 S Lake St
Reno, NV

Found 3 reports:

Woke up with over 50 bites on my body. Never experienced anything like this before. After doing some research I'm positive these are bed big bites. All over my hands, feet, and neck.

Got 5 bites on my arm. Have had bed bug bites before as I travel frequently. I'll alert hotel today. I like the hotel and have had zero issues before.

April 7, 2013 I stayed here with my sister: I got about 25 bites, she didn't get bit at all. We definitely identified two bed bugs (and saw little other evidence of them - except for my blood smears on the sheets and very small amount of feces on the mattresses when we freaked out and inspected everything closely). The staff was nice and brought us plastic bags, etc. and gave us the room for free. It didn't SEEM to be a common problem, rooms are very clean, and I am the first person that I know

of that has been bit by bedbugs here (many work colleagues have stayed here in the recent past and have not had a problem).

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