South Point
Las Vegas Blvd & Silverado Rnch
North Las Vegas, NV 89183

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5/6 - 5/8/2014

I stayed two nights and actually started noticing my back itching after the first night. I was there for a job interview at another location, so I didn't pay much attention--just thought my back itched for whatever reason. The next morning I showered before my drive home and I had apparently scratched my back to the point of bleeding (noticed on the towel). When I got home, my husband checked out my back and I have quite a few bites. They not only itch but sort of burn. I have

one on my side and one on the front, at my ribcage.
I called the hotel last night and the front desk put me through to someone who wasn't there. I left a voicemail so we'll see if I get a call back.

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stayed at this hotel 7/2013 no indications of any bed bugs .me and my family stayed 2 nights ,returned home(los Angeles) ,and a few weeks later had a bed bug outbreak . horrible experience ,life changing .so please protect you and your family by bedbugs safe your belongings when traveling along with everyday living ,because they are EVERYWHERE :(........

I stayed at this hotel from 06/29/12-07/01/12. Since my stay at this hotel I have had a massive outbreak of Bed Bug bites. The bites have literally covered my legs and arms, and have caused me an extreme amount of discomfort and embarrassment. There were two beds in our room, I took a nap on the one closest to the window while my wife never did lay in that bed, and she has no bites at this point. But I have been mauled by these bugs. I will not stay there again.

I ususally stay at the South Point when I come to Vegas. It's been a while so conditions may have worsened since my last visit. Please state the room numbers so other guests are aware of the infested rooms.

Thank you for your help.

June 26-28, 2011 We stayed at the hotel for 3 days 2 nights. The first morning after my son woke up, I noticed a live spider crawling on the spot where my son slept. I immediately killed the spider and called housekeeping to change the sheet. I didn't think much about it after that but later that day, my son's lips has begun to swell. It is now June 29th and we are back at home. My son's condition has gotten worse. I looked it up online and it appears to be bedbug or kissing bug bite. I a

m taking him to the doctor tomorrow morning. I am writing a complain to the hotel but their website is currently down. Will continuing trying until it is backed up. Check you bed.

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My two children and I checked in the night of April 26th and left the morning of the 29th. I did not check the sheets for bedbugs, as I have had no previous issues with this problem. However, towards the end of our stay I noticed red spots on my arms and legs. Then my children began to complain of itching. When I looked at their skin, I found small red welts all over. We had already left the hotel, but now that I've read about bedbugs and seen pictures of the bites, I feel certain that's wh

at we've experienced.

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Friend checked under the sheets for a missing watch and saw bedbugs scurrying around. GROSS!!! Hotel admitted a bedbug problem in the past, but "no one reported anything recently."

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