Harrahs Hotel Laughlin
2900 S Casino Dr
Laughlin, NV

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I am posting this for awareness. We decided to stay at Harrah's for the first time (April 18, 2014) because we were comped. We were also comped at other hotels,but decided to try it out. We got to our room and when I opened the door I saw a dead body! Just kidding it smelled awful in there. I called the front desk and told them we needed somebody up there to put some fresh casino smell in there! Should have been a clue! We got our stuff in and went downstairs to play. Returned back to the room a

nd it smelled fine. Went to bed and Laura left around 6 am to work out. I got up itching with welts on my legs,arms,back and FACE! I called the front desk and asked them what their procedure was for bedbugs. They sent security and housekeeping up. They moved us to a new room and told us they were going to send a lab in to test the room. I did not want my clothes after the potential exposure to bed bugs. Well they called us back and told us " your room tested positive for bed bugs! Ughhhh...long story short we filed a claim for our clothes and our bites. They laundered our clothes, which who knows if it was done properly or not and they told us to drive our car to the top of the parking garage and put everything in the car and let it sit for 6 to 8 hours to heat up and kill anything that was in our bags....unbelievable! Long story short I hired an attorney Craig Dell because they only wanted to give us $350 and for me to wash our clothes! Wrong person to mess with. 1 year later we have our clothes in bags and we settled out of court for a lot more than the offer, but the kicker is we went to toss the clothes and found a dead one in the bags! It could have been a disaster if we had settled and brought that crap to our house! DO NOT STAY AT HARRAHS! I now will not sleep at a hotel unless I have done a bug sweep and am still paranoid! Let your friends know!

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WOW! Spoke with supposed manager about CRAZY bed bug issues in hotel.He told me I needed to speak with someone "above his pay grade" & to call risk management during week business hours. Well, manage your own risk; unless you want painful bug bites & crying kids from bites/ rash. Super sad from people who love the river & this has ruined for us! Shame on you Harrahs! FIX this problem!

we had a similar story to the others on this page. about 4 weeks ago, we checked in with a group of 20 people. my wife & i went to bed the first night. i woke up in the middle of the night with welts on my back. i reported this the next morning. they took a report, changed our room. the hotel sent a company to check out the room. they found a bedbug infestation. the hotel did nothing to compensate us.they told us that if we found the bugs in our luggage or in our closet after we got home,

that we would have to pay to get them cleared up. they would review the situation to see if we got reimbursed. we were treated as if it was us, not the hotel.

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Just got back from one of Harrah's junket trips. We were there from Thursday the 15th, returned on Monday the 19th. Really didn't spend much time in the room at all just to sleep a few hours and shower. Noticed after the first night I was itchy, just chalked it up to the dry climate. Got back on Monday and didn't really feel like dealing with laundry. So Tuesday morning I get up and start pulling clothes out of my suitcase to pretreat for any stains. Right away I notice a bedbug on a white pair

of pants. I totally freak and asked my husband if it was a bed bug and he said I don't know for sure but could be. I quickly did a google image search and sure enough it's a bedbug! I immediately called Harrah's and asked to speak to a manager and the operator asked why. I explained what had happened and she said I needed to report it to security. I thought that was very odd, they didn't seem to be very concerned and said I could call back in 7 to 10 days for a update. Now I spent all day from am to late pm doing laundry, steaming pillows, washing all bed linen and clothing. Also bought some pesticide that Orkin recommended for home treatment and thoroughly doused everything. Sprayed luggage and left it outside. Now I am praying that we only had the one but I am thoroughly disgusted.

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Just returned from a trip to Harrah's Laughlin on 5/19/2014. When we got home and started doing laundry we found a bedbug in our luggage. Now the process of treating and washing everything while constantly inspecting our home for the next couple of weeks begins. :-(

Nothing like BED BUGS to ruin your vacation! Not to mention bites on small children & bugs in luggage when we got home! What is Harrahs doing to RID the problem; NOTHING! Y Should be reported to state health department! We ahve stayed there for years & never will again! So disturbing, the bugs & total disregard for this ISSUE!

Just got back from the LAST TIME I will stay at Harrah's Laughlin. First night there, woke up the next morning to bites on my legs and torso. Searched around and found BED BUGS! Went to the front desk and told them what I had found. Even took a couple down with me. They treated me like I was lying and brought the damn bugs there myself. They switched rooms but that was all. Was never offered anything for my troubles. Asked to speak to Mgr. on duty and was told they weren't available. Went back a

nd asked several times...always the same story. I took 33 Ball players and their families there to complete in a tournament, we won't be taking them there again. I am going to send an e-mail to Harrah's Corporate to see if I can get any kind of satisfaction for this BS.

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9-24-13 we found a couple "bugs" on bathroom floor & thought it strange since we were on 10th floor. Then checked under blue luggage cover & found 1 more. We went to front desk to report it & they sent housekeeping to ck room! No more found so they changed our bedding & we went to bed. About an hour later I felt something crawling on me, jumped up, turned on light and there were 2 in bed and 1 on me! Went to front desk and showed them THE BUGS, and they moved us. Did not sleep well but no more b

ugs! I think they should have moved us the first time. No follow up from Harrahs which is not very customer friendly. We will think twice before staying at this hotel again.

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We stayed there on August 29 through September 1. The beds were the first thing I checked. None found. On any day!

stayed for six days 4/17/2012 no problem with bug bugs hotel was very clean would definely stay again

Stayed here on January 20-23 and no bed bugs were found in our room. This facility appears to practice bedbug managment well. I am a pest control operator.

My husband and I stayed at Harrahs for 5 nights (Oct. 24 thru 29). We had a great experience and never had a bed bug problem. The rooms were very clean and the staff was friendly and accommodating. We'll definately be back.

we also had an experiance with them bad. we wernt offerd anything but a claim was taken, we were also charged for our room. we are seeking legal advise the bugs were so bad that they were crawling on both beds in the daytime.

We arrived late on Friday night...around 1 am and when we woke up in the morning my friend had seen a bug on her pillow and within 10 min we had found over 20 of them in our beds....the hotel promptly moved us to another room and quarrantined the room...they took a report and because we were so informed of these bed bugs and the havoc they can wreak on a household we were prepared. We put everything in our cars where it was 120 degrees and left it there for over 6 hours...then we put all our lug

gage in a dry sauna at 145 degrees and left it there for over 2 hours....we haven't seen any at our house but my friend that went with me broke out in a bad rash about a week after we were there, and that is supposedly a common reaction to bed bug bites!!!

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