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I stayed at the Wynn Feb. 26 - March 1, 2014 (three nights). Two days after I returned I noticed bites. I did not "put it together" that they were bed bug bites until about 10 days later when I discovered them in the bed. I contacted the Wynn. They told me they would inspect the room I was in but they could not get into room for several days until the person in the room vacated. How stupid to let someone stay in a room when they were informed of the problem. They called me the following we

ek and told me no bed bugs were found and closed my claim. I've been to the Wynn more than 50 times and love it there but cannot and will not stay there again after their response to me. There is no other reasonable explanation for where they came from. Today is May 19 and I'm still dealing with the problem that has cost thousands of dollars! Thanks Wynn.

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Stayed at the Wynn Dec. 11th to
Dec. 14th 2013. Beautiful hotel. Very clean . Our room 5949 had a panoramic view. Every employee was friendly and courteous. There were NO signs of any bedbugs. We have stayed here before and would definitely recommend it.

Stayed at the Wynn Oct 13 - Oct 16th. Beautiful hotel, very clean, NO sign of any bed bugs. So clean did not even see dust in the room. If the Wynn had a problem with bedbugs in the past I can attest that they were NOT present this week while I was there. I highly recomend the Wynn and will stay there again my next visit to Las Vegas.

Stayed @ Enmciore 3 nights in April. No bedbugs.

Stayed at the Encore on Feb 23-24, 2013. The room seemed clean; however, 2 weeks after returning home we realized that we've got a bed bug infestation at home. As it's extremely cold where we live, the only reasonable source is from our stay at Encore at the Wynn. We now have to pay $2K-$3K to have our entire house heat treated and sprayed for bed bugs. Thanks a lot Encore.

Stayed @ encore from 4th july to 8th july 2012, got bad bedbugs and bad case of sore throat body ache took a long time to recover AND this is without drinking alchohol....NEVER GOING BACK THERE AGAIN...

We stayed at the Wynn Las Vegas for several days in late June 2012 and had no issues with bed bugs. However, I think the maid stole some of my prescription medication. The first time our room was cleaned, I noticed that someone had gone through my stuff. Not only were my bags moved, but the items inside them had been rearranged. My pills were in the wrong bag and there were fewer left in the bottle. If you decided to stay at Wynn, be sure you lock up ANYTHING that you wouldn't feel safe leaving

around a crackhead or junkie, because you never know who might be rummaging through your belonging while you're out!

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We had a great experience on the 12th floor of the tower, May 30- June 4. No bedbugs--everything very clean.

I stayed at Wynn from May 23 through the 27th. We had no issues. The room was clean.

Stayed at Encore Mar 20-25. Very clean - NO ISSUES.

I stayed here for 3 nights in December.
I travel extensively for work and thoroughly check EVERY property I check into.
No problems with bedbugs at this fantastic Vegas hotel!

Stayed at the Wynn Aug 19, and in the last few days, bedbug welts are appearing on my lower back, arm, neck and chin! I've stayed there many times before, no issues. This would be my first time dealing with bedbug bites and surprisingly occurred in one of their newly renovated rooms! They need to be a bit more vigilant about eradicating this problem. It's a 5 star hotel for chrissakes!

I left for a business trip to Vegas in September 2010 for a 6 night stay at the Wynn in room 1817. After a few nights my body was completely covered with itchy red welts. I thought it could be measles or something as I was not aware of the bed bug issue.

When I alerted the hotel they couldn't be less helpful telling me that their special bed bug team which included a specially trained dog checked the entire room and it came up negative for bed bugs. They couldn't share an actual detailed

report of course...that had to stay private.

Meanwhile immediately upon returning home I went to my dermatologist who told me that presenting such an extensive landscape of bites (head to toe including in between my fingers) could only come as a result of sleeping in a room completely infested with bed bugs. So much for their crack team of dog investigators.

The hotel denied everything but offered me a free weekend stay not as compensation for any wrong doing but just because I was an unhappy customer.

No thanks, I'd rather sleep on the street then stay at the Wynn hotel again.

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Stayed at the Wynn in room 2162 with my husband and had a great experience. Checked for bed bugs around the headboard, under mattress and behind bedside tables - found nothing. Nice, clean room!

Had family in rooms 6051, 6048, 6042 and 6046- no bed bugs! Beautiful, clean hotel.

My fiance and I found a live bed bug in room 6047 during our stay 6/10/11...YouTube video will be up tomorrow 6/13/11 ...

2 nights at Wynn 3 nights at encore

Bugs bites like crazy, we went to our doctor
Because we did not know what they were and that is
How we found out, sick stuff


Stayed at Wynn from 5/5 - 5/9, 2011. Stayed in Room 3436. Beautiful room. I checked the bed and did not find any bed bugs.

My husband and I stayed at the Wynn, in the tower suites from 05/06-05/08 2011. We were in room 2615. After checking in and eating lunch in the hotel I took a nap, while my husband got a massage. Our room was amazing and beautiful and clean.

After my nap I went with a friend to the salon and had my hair and makeup done, then went straight to dinner. During dinner I had an extremly itchy spot on my neck, that appeared to be 3 big welt like bites. I didnt think that much of it, and we wen

t straight from dinner back to the hotel lounge, and eventually to bed.

Upon waking in the morning I noted more welty bites, in rows...on my cheek, and on my chin. They were all in groups of two or three. We layed out by the pool the entire day, had dinner at the italian restraunt that night, and watched movies in our room. On sunday, I woke up with MORE itchy spots, on my shoulder, my bicpet, my side, and my leg. Again all in little neat rows of 2 or three. By this time the bites on my neck and face were terribly red and welty apearing. On the way home it occured to me that there are issues everywhere now with bed bugs. I looked up their bites on line, and learned that the bites I have are an exactly in the same pattern as bed bug bites.

I called the Wynn to report it on 05/09/2011, a day after checking out and have them check the room we were in. The risk management team said they would investigate.

I got a call today from Kristen with Risk management, who informed me the room had been thoughly checked..first by their k-9 sniffing dogs, then by an independent company called Ecolab, and the room was negative for bedbugs. When I responded that this is impossible, and asked to see the report from this third party, independant company she was quite smug and informed me that by law this company can not discuss the investigation or the findings in the room with me, only with them. What is the point of having a third party investigate, if they are unable to disclose the findings with anyone but the Wynn? She assured me she would "never lie to me about the findings" wich leads me to believe that she was lied to. I highly doubt they ever inform anyone whose room did show signs of bed bugs of these findings, because of the liability involved.

Now I am left itching and welted from head to toe and feel as though any positive findings would be easily covered up, as the Wynn is not willing to release a report to me from the Ecolab people that shows the results.

Kristen also informed me the entire suite was checked and was negative, but they have no way to check all of the other places I may have been exposed to bedbugs on my trip to Vegas. Interesting...since the Wynn properties were the only place I was at during the 72 hours when I became covered in bites.

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I stayed at Wynn April 15-17, 2011. I woke up on the 19th with a bit of a rash, but didn't think much of it. The next day was worse, and finally on the 21st I went in to see someone, who diagnosed me with bedbugs! Not what I wanted to hear of course. I rushed home, looked up pictures online, and my rash looked just like what was coming up in my search. With a combination of Zantac and Desonide 0.05%, I was able to subdue the rash by Saturday morning.

Just got a phone call from Risk Management

today stating the room I stayed in turned up negative for bedbugs. So...Are you telling me I got it from your pool towels? I am not the type to get pimples, or have sensitive skin. Bizarre. I'll be washing everything in hot water for a while to come...

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My friend and I stayed at the Wynn hotel 4/15/2011 to 4/17/2011, my friend called me today and told me she is covered in a bed bug bite rash. So far I don't have anything, but I heard a rash can show up even 5 days later. GROSS!

I stayed at the Wynn Resort March 25-March 27th on the 12th floor. My boyfriend and I searched for bed bugs beforehand and there was absolutely nothing. The room was beautiful and very clean. Love the Wynn Resort.

We had a lovely stay at the Wynn. stayed from Jan.9-12. Not a single bite.Had a huge comfortable bed.VERY CLEAN ROOM.

Four days at the Wynn, day two had cold sweats all night and woke up to red bites all over stomach, day three looked
More like welts---not what you expect.

Bed bug nightmare!!! my husband and i stayed in one of the upgraded rooms, supposedly newly refurbished and ended up covered in bed bug bites. We were with a group of friends who all stayed on the same 54th floor and all of us have suffered bed bug bites. Now we are worried that they have travelled home with us.

Stayed 11/9 - 11/11, Rm. 3447. Given the reports, I searched entire room very carefully using a flashlight, mirror and magnifying glass. I did not find any bed bugs! At check-in the clerk said our room had just been renovated with new carpeting, furniture and wall coverings. Whew!

Statement from Wynn Resorts

Recent national news stories have raised awareness on the subject of bed bugs. This is not a new topic for Wynn Resorts as we have implemented a bed bug program that has been characterized as the most proactive and comprehensive in the hospitality industry. Our program consists of a complement of third party inspection specialists, in-house canine units and extensive employee training enabling us to take precautionary action and immediately detect and eradicate any

presence of bed bugs. In light of our efforts, we can state with confidence that our resorts are free of bed bugs.

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Room 3617 at Wynn. My wife and I got eaten alive. Made a complaint and reported at registration. Security filed complaint and reported later that there were no bedbugs in the room. At least 150 bites on my back and legs.

thay were everywhere under the sheet liner

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