Treasure Island
3300 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV

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My spouse and I just returned from a 5 day trip to Vegas. We stayed at Treasure Island, room 35072. On the way home, yesterday, I noticed several small bites on my ankles and a few on my arms. I asked my husband and he had a few on his arms and legs as well. I haven't been seen a physician to confirm that these are bed bug bites but they certainly look like the bites I have seen online. I work for a health care center so I will definitely be seeing one of our providers today to find out if

these are bed bug bites.

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No bites Jan 21-25, 2014. Room 26-095... Forgot to bring my flashlight so just checked the mattress and bed frame corners. No markings... Still cautious by not using drawers and when possible hanging or elevating clothing. Put shows on ironing board. No bites during the trip... Just got home and put everything including the clothes we were wearing on the balcony overnight -20 degree C. Still have to be cautious right? So far, no bites either.

I was at TI 8/4/2013-8/7/2013 and my room was clean when I arrived and cleaned every day I was there. No sign of bed bugs or dirty sheets what so ever! I will stay here again since this was my 2nd time in Vegas at TI!

I Went to TI for my wedding, and one if my girlfriends (staying in another room) started getting bites all over her body. Her boyfriend is a doctor and knew they were bed bug bites! They told the front desk, and were given $25 dollars off for some sort of confirmation fee (are you freak'n kidding me??!!). The front desk told them they had to get another doctor to check them out and send a letter diagnosing her bites as bed bug bites, THEN they would test the room. So they went to another doctor,

and YES it was bed bug bites! Hopefully they haven't let anyone else stay in the room, but who knows! I'm reading all of these accounts after I found out about her incident, and I can't believe it! I'm absolutely disgusted with Vegas! If these bugs are in the hotel rooms, they're most likely in the fabric seats at the hotel shows, in towels at pools etc... No wonder hotels deny deny deny, their entire economy would be ruined if tourists realized these things were all over the strip! I have no desire to return to Vegas now that I know some things don't "stay in Vegas!"

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We arrived at TI 06/30/13. On 7/1/13 we woke
Up and my daughter noticed a few bites.
By 7/2 her whole body covered in bites!
Funny they were receiving semi truck trailers
Of beds!

Hopefully they get the problem under control
As we had a wonderful time there
Beautiful rooms... Except for the bedbugs


A lot of these reports claiming this property is so superior and bedbug-free, are BOGUS. The same dumb bitch wrote several of them. This explains why they start the exact same way and are written so similarly. Strange that you'd stay there, have no problems, return home, and THEN visit this site to leave a report stating there WERE no bedbugs.

If you had no problems or bites, go leave your bs praises on a travel site that's FOR rating your stay. THIS site is to let fellow travelers know

if you DID experience bedbug bites!

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We stayed 5/17-5/18 and our room was clean, gorgeous and free of bed bugs. I'm a little obsessed with the bed bug issue, but felt completely comfortable staying at Treasure Island and would stay again in the future. Also, people should refrain from leaving "bed bug" reports until they've found 100% that their "bites" were from a bed bug and not something else (a mosquito, detergent sensitivity, etc.). It's annoying to read speculative reviews that lack facts.

Just returned last night from Las Vegas. Stayed at the Treasure Island hotel, 15th floor, room 69. Had some bites appear on my legs one morning. Didn't think much of it, until getting home and my sister pointing out what they could be. I called the hotel to make a report. Then I began to take immediate action to contain within my home. Hopefully I haven't brought anything back that I can't kill. :(

Nothing is itchy, and because I've never really been aware of or exposed to bed bugs I did not

check the sheets while at the hotel.

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February 2013 sitting on my cot on the 29th floor and started to get itchy on my leg, then both forearms, then upper back/neck area. After looking at the itchy spots, it was all red and had bite marks that look exactly like bed bite pictures onthe internet. After my sister confirmed the bite marks and redness, I phoned front desk who sent a swarm of employees to investigate my cot. After making a full report to staff, pictures of my bite marks were taken, and we were moved to a new room with a n

ew cot where I shook out all my clothing and attempted to go to bed in my new cot.
Continued to be itchy and new bite marks formed.
Staff were very pleasant, but I am not impressed due to the marks, redness and itchiness. Very unfortunate.

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I stay at Treasure Island from Jan 23 and check out on Jan 28, 2013. The stay was great until the 3rd night. The sheets had 2 brown marks and a hole in it. I wrote a message to house keeping the next day to make sure they change the sheets.
The next day I was feeling itchy. I look at myself,I got red marks on my chest, back, and neck. It looks like bed bug bites. I was staying on the 35th floor, Room 37. I also noticed brown marks on the ceiling in the bathroom. I didn't report this incident t

o the front desk. The people that work at Treasure Island are very nice.

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Stayed at the hotel in room 20071 12/16/12-12/19/12. The room was very clean with no sign of bed bugs. Carefully inspected the room with a flashlight upon entry and all checked out okay. Great stay and great housekeeping staff.

I stayed her June 2012 and had no issues. Everything was clean. I thoroughly checked everywhere even with my flashlight.

I've stayed here several times over the last two years, and I've never had a problem. Although, I'm still cautious about leaving my clothes or luggage on the floor or upholstery.

Stayed there in early January of 2012......No bugs to be found.

Stayed in a 35th floor room January 15-19, 2012. Checked for bedbugs with a flashlight and found none. Neither my roommate nor I have had any problems since returning home.

Stayed in Suite 36002- 36th floor of TI from 1-16-2012 to 1-19- 2012. Took a maglight & checked for bed bugs.
The room was super clean. The linens are all white, as was the bedspread. No signs of bed bugs. No bites,
The sofa and desk chair were a little run down looking, but no signs of bed bugs there, either.
Bonus: Great view of the Strip.

Stayed from 1/13/12-1/16/12. Stayed on the 34th floor. Did a thorough check of the beds, behind curtains, behind pictures, under the pillow cases, etc and did not find any trace of bed bugs. Neither one of us got any bites.

We still took precautions and kept all of our cloths in extra large zip-lock bags and kept them in the bathroom and away from the beds. I washed everything in extra hot water the second I got home. So far so good.

Stayed Jan 2012, no signs of bedbugs like others had reported, looked throughly before even putting luggage inside. Stayed on 8th floor, very clean and comfortable.

Stayed at TI Nov. 18 - 22 2011. Very nice location. The room was clean. No signs of any bedbugs. First stay at this hotel and so far my favorite of the various Las Vegas hotels we have visited.

My husband and I have stayed at TI several times over the years. To date, we have never seen any type of bug at TI during our stays.

Our most recent stay was Nov. 5-12, 2011-
Room 10-008. I am pleased to report that there was NO evidence of any bugs or bed bugs in our room/bed at TI. After our luggage was delivered to our room we requested 2 additional luggage stands from Housekeeping so that we did not have to place our luggage on the furniture or floor. We never use the dresser draw

ers in a hotel room, so we "lived out of the suitcase" all week.

Room was clean. Towels and bed linens were clean and comfortable. Hallways were clean and free of debris/trays.

Upon our return home, we left our luggage/clothing on our enclosed back porch for several days before unpacking and laundering clothing. So far no problems. Would stay at TI again.

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Hello, we stayed at ti on 10/30/11. I was itchy all night thought it was the bleached sheets. Next night in my bed I was totally itchy and could feel like little bugs running across me and biting on me. Have been cleaning and cleaning trying to get rid of them. No joke. I will be getting a brand new RV so I don't have to sleep in a bed where the sheets don't get changed and the beds are full of bugs. That's just gross!!! Also ti rooms are kinda dirty and run down. I thought they would be nice f

or the price u have to pay. I will never stay or play there again. Do not stay there unless u like bed bugs. Good luck in las Vegas! And don't let the bed bugs bite.

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All of these posts seem forgy- one hotel gets reported so it's like all the rest get pulled into to save face - it's just a scam a kinda if I'm going down your coming with me thing

My husband and I stayed here in May of 2010...our wedding. As soon as we got home I started itching and had welts. I mis-took it for Mosquitos until my husband found a huge bed bug in our bed. After we un- packed our suit case we put it under the bed.. UGH..anyway, we threw away our mattress, luggage, clothes and fumigated our apt. A letter to TI went un - noticed and we never got a response...assholes. This was extremely frustrating considering I got married in THEIR chapel!!! Never again will

we go there.

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I will not use the name of my assistant here. She was embarrassed as it is. She noticed bugs in her bed (in the first room) and mentioned it to me.I encouraged her to change hotels. She let them talk her into another room. She then got a call that her daughter had a medical emergency at home, so she packed her bags and left town.
When she got home, she started to break out in welts and noticed that she has bugs in her bed.She went to sleep in the spare bedroom, but she carried the bugs with he

r to that room. She had to have both mattresses replaced along with her clothing and her house fumigated twice. She also needed to replace her clothes. Treasure Island paid for the entire thing, but not without a struggle.

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