Springhill Suites Las Vegas Convention Center
2989 Paradise Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89109-1220

Found 2 reports:

I checked in this hotel on June 27th. I slept on sofa a couple of days and I got some bites which have not been confirmed as bedbug bites. However, it is so itchy now. I will see dermatologist next week. Problem is our clothing was on the sofa. I am so concerned about it.

I checked in on Saturday evening (June 28, 2014) and was assigned to room 1503. Before getting settled in the room, I left my luggage near the door and began to check the bed for bedbugs. All was looking good until I noticed dark small smudges on the top left corner of the box spring. After noticing this, I used the light on my cell phone and looked a bit closer. I actually found a few bed bugs in the stapled paper-like lining of the box spring. I captured a bug in a glass cup and took it to

the front desk. They called the manager and she apologized. They gave me another room, which we checked. The new bed/room looked clean and free of bedbugs after the check; however, I never let my guard down during the stay. I kept my luggage zipped up and on top of the luggage caddy (even my shoes went into bags and never left on the floor). I never experienced any bites in the new room, nor did I ever see any suspicious signs of bedbugs in the new room, so I feel comfortable that it was free of bedbugs.

Other than the manager offering me a glass of wine and calling me half an hour later to tell me that what I had found was not a bedbug, I never heard anymore from the hotel. I tried to tell the manager that I was 99.9% sure what I found was a bedbug, but she said that I was mistaken. Instead of arguing with her, I just decided to drop it. I have the proof and would submit the pictures if I could upload them on this site.

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