South Cove Apartments
1525 Fremont St
Las Vegas, NV 89101-5417

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I have personally seen bedbugs in my apartment (E223). Management is very ignorant or does not wish to control the problem, yet they knowingly or ignorantly enter your apartment after being advised that they are violating the law. However the management does coincide with their neighborhood surroundings.

Thank God I'm ok

I have lived in Las Vegas for 22yrs. I made the mistake of primarily living at the Studio Plaza, Harbor Island, Shelter Island,and South Cove Properties. I say I made a mistake because each and every stay resulted in a problem. There are a lot of things that seem to be at work in each and every one of these properties and the main instigators are I never could get a straight story from anyone and out last visit at South Cove resulted in being served with 2 5 day notices and they were for the s

ame thing and we moved because it was too much but now we're being told that we were evicted from the property which is quite serious. I wouldn't advise anyone to trust anything about the places. I certainly do not anymore. 01/06/2015 [email protected]

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There have been five apartments in our building alone that have had bedbug infestations. Management is slow to respond and does nothing to remove infested furniture. The roaches are just as bad. Any involvement with the General manager and her assistant have been very unprofessional. There is a tenant on the third floor who deals drugs and harasses neighbors. He has a huge infestation as well but because he is so paranoid feom days on end of being awake on meth he wont allow manager to enter

for treatment. The general manager defends him and has gone so far as to allow this man to harass a family at all hours of night pounding on their door. Even the police have told her this man is crazy from drugs. The general manager was seen yelling and threatening the family and has served them eviction notice on the word of the bedbug infested drug dealer. Owners need to fire her.

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First and Most Important....Stay Away....Stay Away!! This place is owned and operated by David Bigelow; a Billionaire whom also owns Budget Suites and Bigelow Aerospace! This place is a dump, infested with bed bugs and roaches. Where is the Health Dept??

The New facility Manager, Tommy is nothing more than a puppet and abuses his privlidges by entering without permission. Yesterday, observed Tommy entering an apartment unit and Kicking a Cat!! We contacted Humane Society to Pre

ss Charges!! Security Guards Obi and a thin German Hitler act as though their owners. Both of these clowns use abusive language and intimidation on both guest and residents; as I have experienced harrassmenrt on a face to face level!! In addition, both security guards Propositioned a Transgender and asked for Fellatios!! These clowns Need to be Fired! Nonetheless, this place is a slum and needs to be knocked down and burned!! Terrible Management!

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Mánager Carl doesnt do his job he Is worthless place full of bugs and brings wrong with every apt. This place Is Duch a rip offsf the people in the Office are morons nobody nows wat there doing and maintnance doesnt know how to put on a light bulb yet alone do any maintanace work I hope the owner knows wat king of people hrs paying to run his business




Moved in July 1, 2011 once we moved in the roaches are really bad they are getting in the bed the bed is ridiculous wig bugs the carpet is dirty and nasty the maintenance don't clean good at all

This address is a weekly (SOUTH COVE APTS.) located in downtown Las Vegas. Since we've been here (7 years) we have been dealing with this epidemic. Although we have been treated numerous times, the problem keeps regenerating. Our (supplied) couch is full of them! I (we) have requested a new couch on numerous occasions to the office and management. Our requests fall on deaf ears that have excuses. Thease units come furnished...after treatment we are susposed to have the old infested couch replac

ed with a new one. So the problem keeps on regenerating. I (WE) ARE DISGUSTED AND BITTEN.

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