Sin City Hostel
1208 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89104-1313

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We too spent one night there and I was bitten badly about the face, arms and neck. The mattresses were sealed in plastic, so not a comfortable sleep.

My friend had only one bite on her leg, so I assume it was just my bed that was infested.

Upon letting them know and asking for a refund, they initially said they would and asked me for a statement which I gave them, but then did not return calls or emails.

Will not stay there again! I understand that bedbugs do not have anything to do

with the cleanliness of a hotel or hostel, but are carried in on travelers from other places.

Not doing anything about it when they know they have a problem...IS THE PROBLEM.

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I stayed in this hostel for 3 nights with 2 friends, in April 2008. We got badly bitten but initially thought it was mosquitoes. Upon returning home in LA, I went to see a doctor because my bites were so swollen and itchy, and she diagnosed bed bug bites, from their pattern. I was really embarrassed, as my friends were visiting me all the way from France and I was the one who had booked the hostel... Now I understand why the mattresses were all wrapped in plastic...
They refused to refund us or

even let us spend the last night somewhere else by refunding that one night. Don't stay there!! it's cheap but it's not worth the bites and suffering.

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