Sahara Hotel and Casino
2535 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV

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how did the one person get bedbugs from the Sahara hotel and casino when the hotel and casino Closed its Doors May 17th,2011. you reported you stayed their the 31st. they closed the hotel May 16th the day before the casino closed.

May 31, 2011.

Woke up with scratching like crazy. Bites all over. Had to replace my luggage. Management was nowhere to be found.

4/2/2011 - 22nd Floor Room. Woke up at approximately 445am to bug crawling on me. Popped the bug and blood came out. Absolutely disgusting. Security guard came up and took report, actually saw a bug crawling across the sheet while he was in the room and snapped a picture.

I stayed early October 2010 in the Superior room which is a renovated room located at the top of the Tangiers Tower. I was there 4 nights and no bed bugs. I also had a fun time staying at the Sahara. I think People should give it a second chance and book the remodeled rooms. If your going to or they only show the old cheap rooms. To find the good rooms you have to go to the hotel website at and book your airlines seperate. The hotel website shows th

e superior rooms and limited renovated rooms in the Tunis tower. The limited Tunis tower rooms you have to ask for an upgrade at the front desk at a small upgrade price. These rooms are not cheap, but I stayed in the Superior room and had no bed bug problems. The Sahara does have great restuarants, rooms, and entertainment. You have to pay for nice things here just like you do in the new hotel and casinos. I also find some of these new 4 star hotel and casino reported on Bedbug registry that people think are better than the Sahara. I just know I stayed here and report no bedbugs in my room. Because of all the bad reports on this place,I wanted to report my positive stay here.

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This is itchy itchy coo coo, I stayed at the Sahara for only one night and the next day my vagina was itching sooooo bad. I ended up having lice on my coochie!!! So my warning to any females staying there, is to shave before your visit. Then you will have nothing to worry about.

other than that, the service was good!!

I stayed at the Sahara in late 2009 for two nights. By the second day had two dozen or more bites on my face, arms, hands and legs. Did not know what it was at the time, but subsequently learned about bedbugs.

aprox one year ago sorry cant remember date
i had a room at sahara hotel
about 2am sitting on the bed i had a bed bug jump on my lap off the ceiling i killed it with a tissue and there was alot of blood
i wasnt sure of what it was at the time
about 20 mins later another one jumped on me
over the next 2 hours i had a total of 4 bed bugs jump on me
i finally gently killed one and brought it down to the front desk
i checked out of the room at that time and they said they would send se

curity up to the room to check it out
they didnt say what the bug was i asked them if it was a bed bug but they didnt comment on it
after i got home that night i looked up on the internet and realized it was a bed bug
pretty nasty looking bug with alot of blood inside it very scary
i dont know what the hotel did about that room
wish i knew

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Found bedbug full of blood on my pillow in the morning. I didnot know what it was back then, so I have taken a picture. I have reported it to management. Date 1/8/2010.

Stayed end of September and left with red welts on neck and arms...Huge ...15 marks from bugs....

I stayed there two nights ago and I am covered in bug bites. I don't remember the room number... it was on the 4th floor.

I believe all of you! I saw bed linens sitting outside for long periods of time when I exited the tram. I could tell that place was infested..I would rather sleep outside on the street than an infested hotel room with hundreds of bed bugs. YUCK! I can't stop scratching thinking about it.

Hundreds of bed bugs on September 2, 2009. Room 1426- they were so big they even showed up on pictures! The security was rude when I filed a report. All of my luggage got infested and I had to throw much of it out, and boil the few things I could. TERRIBLE! DO NOT STAY AT THE SAHARA.

Room 1068 had bed bugs on April 22,2009. Woke up to extreme itching...had bites on forehead, arms and hands. Was given another room!!! Had to ask not to pay for the night.