Riviera Hotel & Casino
2901 S Las Vegas Blvd, So, Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV

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I found bed bugs in my room in the monoco tower. Room 4826. They were in the bed and in my hair.

I don't remember the date but it was on the week of the laughing river run and the pool tournament but the room looked nice but I was eaten alive by bed bugs and brought them home
I'm also diabetic and it takes longer to heal so now I've got these bites all over my upper back an shoulders and I'm embarrassed to take my shirt off and they hurt and it h like hell
On another note someone messed with my 2012 custom chopper in the parking lot that week ended up costing me a whole lot more than it

was worth I'm at the doctor today making sure I have no infection enwich I do and now I have to get a new king size mattress and fix a 900 dollar light assembly on my chopper that was the worst hotel I've ever stayed at in my life hands down and ive been traveling since 17 years old I'm 33 now I would rather sleep in my car then stay there thanks Hotwire.com for making me stay there once you book it your stuck

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Got bit in room 3321

I stayed at the Riviera in January 2013, in room 4908. I got bed bugs bites all over my body and it's very itchy. I filed a report, they upgraded my room and for now they have not charged anything for my stay. Anyway, I won't return at the Riviera and would not recommend it.

We stayed there in Rm#5435 Aug 2012. My husband and I were eaten alive by bed bugs! I had approx 30 bites to my face, neck, scalp, and arms. My husband was bitten all over. He had more that 100 bites total: face, neck, back, chest, arms...he looked horrible! We have photos to prove it. Riviera was notified by my husband...they claimed they done a "investigation" and found nothing which is such a LIE!! Security came up and took pictures, they had a sample kit and I pointed out one of the dead bed

bugs on the bed...he didn't take it!!! If the were not claiming liability for this situation, then why did they offer to pay for any medication or medical treatmet the we received??? GUILTY!!!

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I stayed here in room 5742 on 6/29/12-7/2/12 and got bit on my back, elbow, hand and thigh by bud bugs. It is 7/4/12 and I'm still itching and have visible bites on all the areas stated.