Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel
3400 Paradise Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89169

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My company booked me a room here because we were
Taking part in May Recon ICSC show.
I woke up after the first might with dozens of bites all over my bavk. After notify the front desk and going in line withe their manager Danielle, we confirmed the bites were bed big bites. she stayed the hotel had never had a bed bug problem. I immediately checked into a suite at Paris.
This place is the worst! At lease own up to your lack of cleanliness and do something about it!

I stayed at the LVH this past Saturday night and awoke with my back, face, fingers, toes and scalp covered in bed bug bites. I have notified the hotel and they are creating a report. I'm not sure what they intend to do to resolve this issue but they have assured me that the room has been decommissioned until further review.

I stayed in room 1018. I discovered 2 bites on my leg the first night of my stay. I thought nothing of it since we had been out and about the night before. When I woke up on my last day at the Renaissance I had multiple bites all over my legs and a couple on my upper body. I have not yet notified the hotel I am in the airport now, but I intend to as soon as I arrive home.

10/12/10. 12th floor. I woke up with a few bits, and gave the hotel the benefit of the doubt by discretly asking them if they had an issue. I was assured there was no issue although they did check my room number. The next night, woke up covered in bites, started worrying, and then killed a bed bug running across my body.

What I realised then, is if you see a bed bug, you know it. They are big, they look EXACTLY like the photos online, and they move slowly.

The hotel was completly un-helpf

ul. Despite the CLEAR evidence--squashed bed bug, welts all over my body--I am being made to pay for the room, and they will not compensate me for the suitcase and shoes I will be throwing out. I have repeatedly been told that there will be an "investigation", however, no one took the bug I killed, no one took me to a doctor to identify the bites, the photo that were taken by the hotels investigative team were taken at night, without a flash, and showed absolutely no detail. Frankly no one will admit that I was clearly eaten by something while trying to sleep at the hotel.

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Stayed @ the Renaissance @ the end of March. Relaized I had several bites on the back of both legs. Didn't think much of it @ first but then i relaizedI had NOT been wearing shorts or in any type of grass. These bites itched like "crazy' after returning home and looking on the internet i realized they were from bed bugs. My husband and I stayed on the 14th floor but i cannot remember the room. We slept in different beds and he was not affected. It is the beginning of June and 2 bites are st

ill active and sometimes start itching that i can't help but keep scratching. Treating it with anti-itch cream and Cortisone cream 2%.

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