Orleans the Hotel & Casino
4500 W Tropicana Ave
Las Vegas, NV

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We stayed at the Orleans July 11th thru July 16th. We had 2 rooms and no signs of bed bugs. This is the 6th year we have stayed there. Last year we traveled with a large group and had 5 rooms. No signs of bed bugs.

Room 1655 checked in 2/21/15 found two bed bugs and have pictures as proof yet none of the management or security or housekeeping or any of the 8 people who torn my room apart would answer questions. They avoid questions and deny ever having complaints

I called to complain that I stayed in Room 1341 and was eaten alive. I didn't even think bedbugs I thought I was having a reaction to a new medication I was taking.

My confirmation is as follows;

Your confirmation number is: 3JF5J
You will be arriving on 09/30/14 and departing on 10/03/14

After I checked out I called the Orleans to complain and was transferred to risk management.

The next day they said that terminix had been out inspect and found nothing.

Now I see that the per

son staying the night I left has also posted on here that room 1341 was infested.

Hey Orleans I brought these home with me and it's a nightmare and has cost me a fortune. I drove to vegas from san diego put my luggage in my trunk and left back to san diego in my brand new car. Clearly it was infested.

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Checked in on October 3, 2014
Room 1341

Completely infested

Checked into the hotel on january 11, 2014... Room 1186.

Notice some swelling on my left hand on jan 12, but didn't think too much as i have allenrgies and sometimes get unexplained swelling. Woke up on the morning of the 13 and found a number of small welts on various parts of my body... I got suspicious and went and shook the bedding, sure enough found two live ones...

The infestation is quite bad, as i have counted 15 different affected areas with anywhere between 1 and 7 bites....

They gave us another room, but am still awaiting to see what else they will do...

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checked into Hotel on 11/14/13 and noticed strong chemical odor. Ran the AC on high and left the room, odor decreased. Over the last two and one half night bitten over 40 times. filed a report, threw out two suit cases and clothes, computer case and items hoped to keep from trip but threw them out!!

We stayed at this hotel from 12/31/12 to 1/1/13. Me , my husband, and our two little girls ( Ages 7 years old and 1 years old. ) stayed at this hotel. I found only one other type of bug in the room. It was the same size as a bedbug but it looked way different. But, I wasn't going to take any chances. I checked out of this room and we went and stayed at the M resort. Much better.

i stayed at the orleans from the 12/13/12 - 12/17/12. woke up on 12/16/12 with bed bug bites on each leg. the room was 1776. they only comped one night when they should have at least comped the complete stay. my only hope is that i did'nt bring them home. i found a line of them on my back when i got home. i was'nt pleased with the dingy rooms anyway. the carpets are filthy. and one thing for sure the rooms are cheap so they cater to the unfortunate lower rate gamblers. my first time there. i WIL


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I have hesitated to report this for weeks because of how much I love The Orleans and because of how great the hotel's staff was to us during the incident. However, since I use The Bedbug Registry often when traveling and rely on it to help me avoid bedbugs, I feel I have to write this.

My family stayed at The Orleans on April 22, 2012. We did a minor bedbug inspection upon entering the room, checking the mattress seams and behind the nightstand for bedbugs or signs of them. The room appeared


We left for dinner. Around 10 p.m., we were back in the room. I was sitting on the bed working on my computer when a bug came out from under the hotel's pillows and crossed the sheet toward me. I grabbed a bag and captured it, fearing it was a bedbug by the look of it. I checked the Internet immediately and the bug was an adult bedbug.

I phoned the front desk and explained the situation. They responded quickly and sent a person from housekeeping, a security officer, and a bellboy up (they'd offered to move us to a different room on a different floor, which we agreed to). They took the bedbug away in a vial.

I expressed concern about any bedbugs being on my luggage and they took all of our luggage pieces and "baked" each as a precaution, as well as washed anything we wanted washed.

I had to leave a statement with the security guard stating that none of my family were injured. We weren't. Nobody had a single bite. We were fortunate enough to have had a bedbug show itself prior to going to sleep. After leaving that room, we did not see signs of another bug in the new room or on our things. Believe me, we checked the room and our stuff thoroughly and performed multiple bed inspections during the night.

We have been dilligent about our belongings since, careful upon arriving home. We didn't bring any items into our house after the trip until it had been washed. We also now store our luggage in our unattached shed in clear garbage bags as a precaution since we travel often. So far, we have seen no evidence that we brought any critters home.

Again, I hesitate to report this because I do not want to give The Orleans a black mark. We figure that one bedbug was probably a traveler that had been left behind by the room's previous occupant, but who knows. Everyone we talked to during the incident was very friendly, helpful, and concerned about the situation.

The housekeeping employee did inform me that the hotel would be destroying the mattress and doing a thorough cleaning and inspection of the room. She was very knowledgable on the subject of bedbugs, which led me to conclude the hotel is working to stay on top of the whole bedbug mess going on out there.

I will stay at The Orleans again, but my inspection will be much more thorough at the start and my luggage will remain in the bathroom on the counter or in the bathtub during the stay.

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