5580 W Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89103-2340

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Stayed in building seven . Found bedbugs! Yuck!! Told manager who blamed me for bringing them. Can you believe it? Don't stay here

I stayed here and was eaten alive by Bed Bugs. Spoke to owner who dismissed situation. Frustrating. Stayed in building 7.

The Meridian Condos are marketed as Luxury condominiums that are fully furnished including bedding, linens, and appliances. Many of the units are privately owned and rented out monthly by the Meridian and by Property Service Facilitators who have offices at the Meridian Club house. Below is a factual review of the bed bug infestation at 270 E. Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89169

• April 12, 2012- AKP and JLP began residing in unit 7-335
• April 13 - AKP and her friend S B spend ni

ght in unit and notice small “bugs” on bed. They flicked them off not recognizing them as “Bedbugs” After seeing pictures of bed bugs they are certain that it was bedbugs they removed from bedding.
• April 17 - AKP developes a bad rash all over her torso, arms and legs that she assumes is an allergic reaction to new body lotion or clothes detergent.
• April 25 – JLP notices a small insect in bathroom and tries to identify it thinking it could be a flea.
• April 30 – JLP notices several red bumps on torso and assumes they are mosquito bites.
• May 2 – JLP developes more “bites” and starts inspecting bed and is horrified to find bed bugs in sheets, under mattress. Some very small and others large. JLP calls property mgmt. (Property Service Facilitators) and leaves voice mail about incident. JLP then washes all linen, blankets, clothes and then leaves to spend night in hotel. Stays at Holiday Inn Express.
• May 3 – JLP goes to unit and meets Ingrid and cleaning staff from Property Service Facilitators, was told to wash all cothes in commercial washer and dryer and put clothes in plastic bags to prevent them from spreading. Goes to laundry and washes all clothes.
• May 4 – Ingrid from the Meridian asked if JLP could delay return as cleaning, etc. was not completed. JLP stays night at Golden Nugget Hotel in least expensive room.
• May 5 – Ingrid says unit is ready to return to after 12:30 PM. JLP returns to live in unit, sleeps on couch to avoid bedroom.
• May 6 – JLP sleeps in bedroom
• May 7 – JLP finds more bites starts inspecting bedding and finds bedbugs in sheets and pillow case. Captures bugs and takes video of them. Leaves message with Ingrid. Moves out of unit completely, washing all clothes and leaves all suitcases, food, all socks, clothes and shoes that had been on carpet or on bed to keep from transporting them. JLP checks into Holiday Inn Express at 4:00 AM.

Property Service facilitators do there best to avoid JLP and refuse to to speak to me in person says there is nothing more they can do and to leave key on counter. JLP suggests that if the problem was so severe that large bugs were immediately back that they may want to inspect neighboring units. Ingrid insists that the bed bugs can not travel between units and that there is no need to do so.

JLP speaks to unit 7-335 owner Ms. Sally Fitzhenry who is also president of the Meridian Home Owners Association and owner of several units at the Meridian. JLP requests reimbursement for hotels stayed in while unit was being sprayed and supposedly cleared of Bed Bugs. Ms. Sally Fitzhenry refuses and suggested that she would expect JLP to stay at 29.00 night hotels not at an "expensive Holiday Inn Express". Then suggests that JLP brought them with him. Failing to recognize that I stayed in another unit for about 2 months earlier in 2012. With no bedbug issues.

While Ingrid and Michael of Property Service Facilitators tried to make things right when Bed Bugs were first spotted. They washed their hands of the issue when bed bugs returned. Ms. Sally Fitzhenry, a wealthy business woman in Las Vegas, ultimately returned partial prorated rent owed to AKP and JLP for half the days that JLP stayed in Hotel while unit was inhabitable due to the infestation of bed bugs. Ms. Fitzhenry said it was more than fair and insisted that the unit was habitable despite the live bed bugs captured and left and left in pill bottle. JLP and AKP will never stay at the Meridian again. Existing residents should inspect their units especially if they are in building Seven.

Stay away from the Meridian, stay away from Property Management Facilitators and stay away from Meridian Condo owner Sally Fitzhenry.

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