JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort Spa and Golf, Las Vegas
221 N Rampart Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89145-5722

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I stayed here in the Spa Tower and had NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER with bed bugs.

Just spent three nights in April 2013 and NO problems with bedbugs whatsoever. This is a terrific place. I was in the Spa Tower, 3rd floor.

Bed bugs are back at the JW Marriott LV . Take some home with ya since they have plenty of them in stock. How a place continuously fails to remedy a bug problem properly is just proof that its run by clowns and people that arent qualified . Stay away

Stayed here Sept 2011. Beautiful room, but my bed was infested and I was covered with nearly 30 bites before I left. I brought the matter to the attention of the staff, who had the room inspected and confirmed bedbugs. The staff worked very diligently to make sure that the infestation did not follow me home. It was clear that I was not the first by any means.

Its a beautiful property. Stayed there a few years back, for a convention. Amazing how there is so much conflict there, I don't think I could stay at a place where so many people are against one person, who is trying to warn the guests. Sounds suspicios, I will book through travelocity and stay on the strip. Preferably in one not on these lists.

This property is one of the best that I have ever visited. It sounds like there is one of the workers who is out to get his bosses rather than assist in what sounds to be small isolated problem. So Sad!!!

Looks like Smurf is pretty pissed of about something.

In reply to recent posts... It looks to me that the hotel is being pretty proactive to the issue. I have only been working here a short time and it looks to me that they have done what they needed to do to deal with the situation. In the posts, they may have had a small issue in 2010 that was dealt with and maybe another issue now. I don't think you can stop guests from bringing them in. You can only jump on the problem when there is one. It sounds like it is only a couple rooms but I know

that take rooms out of service that surround any suspect room to be treated and observed. I appreciate their efforts to treat this issue and to be proactive in the future.

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You guys all need to grow up and move on with your lives. Posting shit as an employee to embarrass a company for a problem that's nobody's fault just goes to show how much your life sucks. Go home, stop posting info that you have no clue about and worry about how you're going to pay your mortgage in the coming months. Just so you know your IP address can easily be traced by anyone competent on a computer, after that its a matter of hiring a PI and down you go to the Unemployment office. So keep

to the company policy and do your job like you're paid to do,leave the rest to the Management and if a guest really had a problem they will go about their own way of sharing their experiences.

I don't work in management and yes there is some stuff that could be done better but in the end we all go mouths to feed and bills to pay.

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In response to the idiot who wrote this entry the two postings are true and legit F.I. and D.K. both canooks are just mad because I have a bigger pair of balls to let people know about this situation, and are tryin to cover their tracks. First of all we dont have any canadians on the PRT team. Second we are not in trenches we are in rooms. Third your not a canook either to end your statement long live the Queen is a dumbass statement. Obviously your smoking crack cause I didn't say the canad

ians brought them in, idiot. Refer back to each statement with a clear head. glad your able to read but that does not show your intelligence by the bullshit way you try to kiss ass to management. I have a very good idea who typed this you or both of you will be dealing with me one way or another. Im not angry or "Mad" just stateing the truth. if you can't handle it than kiss my a$$. by the way i took the liberty of editing your posting, to the way it should have been read. IE; To the the one who posted the comments on 9/29-10/01-11.I can only say you are a brilliant person, how you manage to expose the truth on how badly the canadians handled the bedbugs at the hotel, this so true. I too work for this property and I can tell you we are dealing with this problem and it will not be resolved anytime soon. I kiss the upper managements a$$ daily, deep between the trenches of thier cheeks with ignorance and i am proud to be of service as an associate! I'm sad, really sad. Maybe you should look within and stop hating so much and get a life. Most of us like it here between the cheeks. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN? . Ok dumshit since when does canada have a queen? Im right your wrong. Don't Make me post the pics I took by doing this again, other than that. Good luck to the guests. you will need it.

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To the the one who posted the comments on 9/29-10/01-11.I can only say you are a mad person inside how you manage to blame canadians for bedbugs at the hotel just show's this to be true.I too work for this property and i can tell you we are dealing with this problem and it will be resolved. I'm not upper management i'm in the trenches with the rest of us,i'm responding to your ignorance because i am proud of our brand and our property for someone like you to claim to be an associate is sad,reall

y sad.Maybe you should look within and stop hating so much and get a life. Most of us like it here.LONG LIVE THE QUEEN...... A

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In response to Frank Irdris response, who is also a long time friend of D.M. mentioned in the prior posting. He earned his position with many of the best of the brown nosers here. Disgrunteld is a understatement for how most of us feel, they don't get their hands dirty and only like to look like a pollished piece of shit, but truth be told and by his own words " there is a system in place to irradicate these pests which we cannot prevent from entering the property." This is compleate admition

of our bed bug problem and the fact that the unsaid national company will be here untill june of next year again verifies the prior statement. I heard there was a challenge made in the morning meeting by mr. McKee to confront him in his office after a copy of this statement was read outloud to the engineering crew meaning the pearson or persons telling the truth so we can be fired. (They) management don't do anything but sit on their a$$ and make decisions on how to deal with the matter. ei; took them all day to place a respone to this matter online. So just to make their monthy revenue, which in truth still means purchasing old beds from The Belagio throw aways, preparing a refidgerator to freeze bed bugs to try to kill them, found out this isn't in place just yet. they have steamed some of the infected matresses and put them back into rooms. I thout we were moving newer beds back into the rooms. Just to clarify again the stupidity of this managment team comes mostly from Canada. I plan on keeping my job so I will not put my neck on the chopping block, I just felt my duty to warn guests of what they are getting into. I now know our priorities will only and allways be about making that money first, customers come and go. Everything Frank Idris tried to say just verified all of the posts here. Don't be fooled we will never be compleatly rid of these pests, and that includes the bedbugs. Good luck you'll need it.

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In response to the previous two entries, we have a comprehensive policy in place to proactively and reactively deal with these pests that we unfortunately can not prevent from entering the facility.

There is an extensive program in place with a national pest control company. This reputable company is under contract for eradication including canines that are searching all 548 of our units on a quarterly basis until mid 2012.

The most recent post is full of untruths and disgruntled insults

towards management and is very damaging to our reputation, undermining our efforts and progress made.

Please contact me with questions.


Frank Idris
Director of Hotel Operations
[email protected]

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This is true and is ongoing they have been trying many differnt approches inc; freezing, steaming, extreamly high doses of pesticides. We have comped so many rooms they finally started throwing beds away. But purchased old worn out beds from the Belagio. Stain marks are all over them could have been the same type of bed bug matresses. Orkin told us they not only live in the beds but the headboards and carpet and any furniture sitting close. With over fifty rooms unavailable and october bein

g our busiest month there will be no relief in site. If you don't get bitten you could get sick from all of the pesticides. Too bad for all the people already booked for this month. We are no where close to getting this incontrol. And Donovan McKee head of engineering is just laughing it off. While the rest of us scramble to control the matter. I have to strip my clothes off everyday before I enter my home, I'm exausted and tired and managment is full of idiots from Canada, stay at your own risk. We need the business, But at what cost? When someone dies from resperatory falure they will probably say it was a suicide. We have had many here in both towers. But that's another story. Good day all.

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I work for them and will tell u that we do have them. I would find another place to stay

I killed a bug on the couch at this hotel.
After I got home, I happened to read an article on bed bugs and that is exactly what the bug looked like.
I'm grossed out and am afraid that I brought them home with me! Disgusting.

I stayed Sept 7 - 10. Woke up with bites on my legs.... Management claims they don't have a problem. I will NOT be staying here again and will be checking all future hotels on this site before I book.

I stayed at the JW Marriott friday and saturday Aug. 20 and 21. I got completelly covered in bites. I have hundreds all over my body, with fifteen just on my face alone
I called to report bed bugs and the manager told me they absolutely didn't have bed bugs and was unwilling to even look and see. Don't stay here, you can't fix a problem if you can't even admit that there is a problem.

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