Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino
129 Fremont St
Las Vegas, NV

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Woke up to complain about charges to my room we didn't charge. No lights in room on yet and haven't opened shades. Call front desk with TV on only. While complaining I felt a bite. I turned on light next to me and seen a bug, went to grab him and he ran to the stitch to my sweatshirt. I burned him. I'm from mn. Thought it was a wood tick. Weird looking little bug. I posted on Facebook to find out its a stage 5 male bed bug. I complained to the golden nugget in vegas. They are changing rooms and

checking the one we are in before getting a refund. I gave them the bug and took a pic. They definitely have bed bugs at the golden nugget in vegas. I always rent houses for the week when I go any where. I will never rent a hotel again. For those who says they had no problems at the nugget good luck with that.

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Stayed in Carson tower, room 1752, woke up 3rd night with bites everywhere. Brought them home, had to have house exterminated, called and reported over a week ago and haven't heard from anyone. Disappointing!

I was there the weekend of April 15, 2014. Didn't realize it until we got home because had a delayed reaction but both my friend and I had over 100 bites each. They confirmed there was "activity" in the room but insinuated we brought them (from 2 different states / 2 different planes). Never offered to comp our room and never even apologized. This place SUCKS. So far haven't found any at home THANK GOD. Ironcially I have already posted this once and it seems to have disappeared so I will go ba

ck in and KEEP POSTING!!!

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Stayed here for cinco de mayo weekend three nights
Stayed at the nicer "rush tower" rooms got eaten
Alive!!!arms and back are covered in bug bites
And a bug made it home with me in my toilettrie
Bag. Horrible itchy experience I've thrown out
Suitcases bags and I'm horrible scared might
Have this at home!!!

January 3rd. Similar story.....I didn't actually start getting any.bumps until today. We arrived at the golden nugget in Vegas on Saturday night. I did notice some itching a little on Sunday but did not know what it was. Now I ham itching on my stomach and chest with several bites. I thought ioved the hotel. Also my first time staying away from the strip. I'm calling to complain...but will they do anything? Unlikely

Stayed at the Golden Nugget room #1101 from 12/27 and left on 12/30. Woke up first morning with 6 bites on my body, in two groups of 3. Next morning I woke up with 24 bites and final morning 27. Had no idea what they were until I got home and checked in with my MD. Usually stay on the strip but this was my 50th birthday so thought a nice hotel down on Fremont Street was deserved. Nexgt time I think it is bak to the strip, never had a problem in any of the hotels there.

I ce to the golden nugget every year for a conference. This year was terrible; I look like I have been eaten alive. When I reported my incident to the manager, he literally threw his hands up and stated that because this I'd a "security" incident, there was nothing he can do. He moved ms to another room and stated that security will be in my room in 15 minutes to take a report (guess so they can begin covering their tracks). Guess what, they "forgot" to call security!!! I had to!!! Before making

your reservations, you may Wang to look and see if they own any other properties as well...

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Carson Tower room 9-77 - 1 night and lots of bed bug bites

I was there Feb 2009. My roommate and I were both bitten. I was covered with bites on my arms and face. We called the Clark County Health Dept and the hotel. After the inspection the hotel offered to take care of our problems. They were very accommodating.

I was here in the South Tower March 2 and 3. I noticed something on my wrist the afternoon of the 3rd. I was itching, but thought it was a reaction to the nickel content of my watch. So I took the watch off and didn't think too much more about it. However, I woke up early the morning of the 4th when we were leaving to catch our plane at the airport and was itching madly in several places. My arms,legs,ankles, and hands had numerous bites. Where my pj's didn't cover me, was where the bits o

ccurred. Had one on my face also. By scratching them, as they itched so badly, they became welts. I reported this to our tour manager who said she would inform the management. Thank heavens I found these before I left and before I came home, so I could take precautions before bringing these bugs into my house.

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i stayed for 1 night and i came home with welts on my back and arms and so did my grandparents. It was horriblr.

We went to this hotel for my husbands birthday on 06/16/2010 though nothing of bed bugs and now we have them and are having hell getting rid of them thanks for this horrible problem.

I just got back from the Golden Nugget Rush Hotel in Las Vegas and informed them of bed bugs. I have my Dr.'s report as well as pictures. My sister, who has cancer, was also at the hotel and she was bitten. They denied the claim. I would never stay at this hotel again. "the bed bugs bite at this hotel!"

We had a room here a few months back. We got into bed and we started itching, we thought it was just exhaustion from walking too much but then the red blotches started appearing. Finally looking for causes that could have happened we saw bedbugs and the blotches and symptoms were identical. We reported to them and they said they searched the room and did not find anything but we have photos of the problem and they are undeniably bed bugs. They did not even offer an apology. Everything else

about the hotel was great but this really sucked (pardon the pun).

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