Gold Coast
4000 W Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, NV

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Stayed at Gold Coast from 08/12/12 thru 8/18/12. Kept getting a few more bites every day. I poked for signs of bed bugs but didn't see any. Definitely believe these are bed bug bites. Stayed in room 267.

Stayed there from Feb 1 to Feb 9th 2012,stayed in room 329,and 427,had a decent time spent most of time there,came home and started bleeding in 7 different places,my arm had three,my leg had 2 and I was spiting up blood,so the bed bugs were in my mouth.They came from the gold coast casino,still fighting to this day with these people,last night july 16 woke up to blood in my bed had them on my head and my leg,wash all bed sheets again,these people will not admit they came from gold coast,would ne

ver in my life go back on safe place to stay,I would rate this place a minus 1.

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We are staying there in July and would like to know the status of bedbugs at this time
Please don't ruin my vaca

5/8/11 to 5/13/11, Room 774
Renovated room. Nice and clean,
I checked mattress and surrounding areas before bringing bags into the room. All good. No signs of any problems and I had good rest while I was there.

The Gold Coast is absolutely committed to protecting the health, safety and well-being of our guests. While we’re unable to discuss the particulars of specific incidents, rest assured that we take this issue very seriously. We have implemented a comprehensive policy for responding to any complaints we might receive.

Our staff inspects rooms for potential problems on a daily basis. If our employees identify a potential issue – or should a guest bring it to our attention â€

“ we immediately shut down both the affected room and those surrounding it for immediate inspection and treatment.

We are committed to providing the safest and most healthful environment possible, and respond aggressively and quickly to all customer complaints.

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Stayed on the 4th floor Jan 8-Jan 11. Never have had a 'bed bug' experience prior, so I was unaware that I was being bitten by them until I went to my physician upon returning home. I thought I had had an allergic reaction to the chemicals in their water, laundry detergent or perhaps even something I ate. My arms & legs were covered in a red rash coupled with small welts. The MD said it was the distictive linear pattern of bite marks that indicated the bed bug as being the culprit. I'm so it

chy!! While I appreciated the kind professional staff, I can't say I will return to this establishment for fear of a repeat experience. I truly hope that those bugs in Vegas stay in Vegas...

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Stayed in room 421 on the evening of 15th.November,2010 a Monday.Terribly itchy at night and woke up with around 70 bites on my body.Filed a report with Casino Security and changed rooms.They said they did not find anything that same morning and had beds made up before Security and myself went back up to check room.Stayed in Pioneer Gamblng Hall and Hotel in Laughlin on the 14th.November the night before on a Sunday.Did not have the severe symptoms on monday morning but it might take time for th

e bite marks to appear on the human body;so I am not positive which hotel is responsible unless they at some time admit a problem to me.I stayed in room #115 at Pioneer.

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