El Cortez Cabanan Suites
651 E Ogden Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89101-4218

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First, the name is El Cortez "Cabana" Suites, not "Cabanan" so you should fix the name of the hotel.

It happened the night of Monday, April 22, 2013. I was staying in room 6315, on my third of three nights. For whatever reason I happened to wake up and there was enough light coming through the shutters for me to see a small bug crawling on my pillow about 6 inches from my nose. I swatted at it as I rolled away. I turned on the lights to see that I hadn't crushed it, but had got enough of it t

o kill it. There was absolutely not doubt about what it was. I immediately checked myself for bites but didn't find any. I collected the carcass and put it on the bedside table. I found a penny for size reference, and laid it down next to the bug and snapped several pictures. Needless to say sleep did not come easy the rest of the night. I refused to get back under the covers, and I wouldn't turn off the lights. Thankfully this happened on my last of 8 nights in Vegas and not the first. I am not one for causing a scene so I didn't say anything upon checkout a few hours later. I simply left the bug and the penny on the table where I took the pictures. The maid would have to be blind not to find it. My luggage is presently sitting in my near freezing garage waiting for me to take my laundry to a laundromat.

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