Cosmopolitan Resort & Casino
3700 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV

Found 3 reports:

Stayed there on Aug 9-11th 2013, got some bites on my legs and back, pretty sure it was bed bugs. Stayed on 50th floor. Hope I didn't bring these itchy little bugs home. Never had anything like this before.

Stayed only one night in the One Bedrm Terrace Suite in February 2013. Noticed two bites on my arms in the morning. Now, 2 weeks later, have bites and rash sports all over my chest and now spreading to me neck. Whole upper body itches!! Pretty sure I brought home whatever was biting me. Could also be scabies! Yikes! Off to the Dermatologist, I go!!

I stayed there from February 9 through 13. I noticed my first bite on February 11. The bites kept increasing in number until I left. They are on my hands and right arm. Luckily I was only bitten five times (thanks to my long sleeved pjs and socks!) and my companion wasn't bitten at all. But my goodness!! These things itch!!

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