325 E Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89169-4812

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We stayed here for 2 nights on November 14-16. My wife got bitten in several parts of her body. We did not see the bugs, but bites were typical of bed bugs.

On April 22 and 23 of 2011, my friends and I stayed for a night at The Clarion. We had heard of and saw that there was a report for it at The Clarion so we decided to check our beds before staying there. At first everything seemed okay. Then when we got back very late that night, we pulled back the sheets and sure enough, there were bed bugs, secretion and shells EVERYWHERE on the indentations in the mattress. I have never seen so many bed bug shells, skins and secretion in my

life. It was disgusting. When we brought it to the attention of the manager, he was VERY rude to us, denied the problem and would not even comp our room or give us our money back. This is after the security guard looked at our room and confirmed that there were bed bugs everywhere. I have never had such poor service from a hotel in my life! Don't stay at the Clarion, they have an infestation of bed bugs! I was so careful not to sleep in the bed, but after being in that room, 2 days later I have noticed that I have itchy red bumps everywhere.

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Jan 2011. Arrived and noticed the head board to my bed had been ripped from the wall. I immediately checked the mattress... didn't see anything but a few days later red bumps started appearing. Just had my apt checked and yep, they're here! Had the dog sniffing service and they found them in my luggage.
Had a business partner on the trip with me and she too got em.

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