Circus Circus Hotel Casino Theme Park
2880 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109-1138

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We had 2 adjoining rooms at Circus Circus Tower on May 25th and 26th. The 4 of us that went all share a house together, 3 different bedrooms. The handicapped lady that I take care of and I shared a room in Vegas. We unpacked and put our stuff in the dresser and left our suitcase and garment bag on the floor of the closet in our room. About 9 days after returning home I started getting what I thought were mosquito bites on my neck and chest. They were in clusters of 3. Last week they multiplied e

xponentially and were itching and hurting like mad. I wound up going to the emergency room because it was obviously not mosquito's because the bites kept arriving in stores, restaurants, my car, etc. I was originally diagnosed with scabies and really freaked out. The next morning I saw a bug in my bed. I knocked it into a glass of water and immediately looked up a picture of a bed bug. Sure as heck, that is what was in that glass of water. Upon research I discovered more than I ever cared to know about bed bugs. They bite you but it doesn't appear for many days. None of the others in our party have them, but the suitcase I had taken for my employer and I sat in my room for several weeks after our trip. Now I am going thru the nightmare of trying to get rid of them before they spread to the other rooms of our house. We recieved an estimate of $1,275 just to completely eradicate them from this one room. I am documenting everything including another visit to the doctor yesterday for different medication to help. I, apparently, am one of the ones that have a serious adverse reaction to bed bug bites. I have many pictures of the damage they have done to my entire body. If interested I can send you the pictures as well.

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February 26-29, 26th floor no bed bugs. Rooms were clean and bug free. West Tower

This has been about 5 years ago, but our room was alive with bed bugs, and we had upgraded to a more expensive room than standard. We were offered no compensation, no comp'd room, no apology, zip. The security guard said they usually see them in the cheaper rooms, which indicated that this is normal. We were just put in another room. We filed a police report, took pictures, basically covered our basis in case one of became ill from the experience. So, bed bugs are nothing new to Vegas.