Circus Circus Hotel-Casino-Theme Park
2880 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109-1138

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My family of 5 stayed from 3/18/2012 thru 3/23/2012. We had a roll away bed brought to the room. On the first night, my son slept on the roll away and on the second night, my oldest daughter slept on the roll away. On the third day of our trip (3/20/2012), my son and daughter both complained of itching. When looking at the bite marks, we found that they were inflammed and even found the notorious 3 linear bite marks (known as the "breakfast, lunch and dinner" bite marks that bed bugs leave).

Management was called (Kathy Moses). She later returned the call stating Ecolab had come out to inspect, but did not find anything. When returning to our room, there was a strong fumigation odor, to which management denied the room ever being contaminated or fumigated.

Once we returned home, my daughter was taken to the doctor, wherein it was confirmed that she has bed bug bites.

We have contacted Ecolab Coporate Offices and they are to contact the regional manager to retrieve reports of the visit/incident (if they were actually called to the hotel).

The doctors report is to be ready today, in which we will send to the Clark County Health Department and an attorney.

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