Brittany Motel
3710 Atlantic Ave
Wildwood, NJ 08260-4702
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Went down Friday august 28th. Nothing was wrong with me. On Saturday I started getting itchy but I thought it was just bug bites. On Sunday I had horrible itchy welts all over my neck, arms, and shoulders. My mom looked up pictures of bed bug bites online and it looked just like what I have. My boyfriend looked at the sheets and mattress on my bed and thought he saw black spots. We told the hotel mangement but they didn't reallly care. A lot of our stuff has had to been thrown away and more mone

y has been spent on tons and tons of garbage bags and plastic containers. This has put so much stress on my mother and I still have itchy welts all over my body. There's a possibility that the bed bugs didn't come from the hotel, but we're still never going back there again.

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