A Shore View Condominium Motel
505 E 4th Ave
Wildwood, NJ 08260-5809

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My name is Don Martin. I am the property manager for the A Shore View Condominiums. It is true that we expereince a bed bug problem in one of the units at the site. Upon being informed of the situation, we immediately took the unit out of service and contacted an exterminator. That unit and all surrounding units went through a series of four extermination treatements over a 30 day period. The exterminator informed that this was optimum way to treat the infestation as bed bugs have a 21 day re

production cycle. All furnishings and carpet were removed and disposed of during the process. Upon the completion of the treatments the furnishings and carpet were replaced new. Sometime, late in July the unit was placed back in serivce and we have not experience any other problems.

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My girlfriend and I decided to drive down to Wildwood early on Saturday June 12th to spend the night with her parents. They were staying at "A Shore View" condo's on 4th street.
About 2 years ago I had bedbugs at my old house, so long story short I know tons about the disgusting creatures. Well after waking up on Sunday, my girlfriend noticed that she had a long streak of bites running up and down her back and also all down her left arm. I knew right away something was wrong. I started to tear

the room apart and discovered a few of them hiding in between the crevices of the boxspring.
As a result we had to leave behind an array of items, because it just wasnt worth the risk of having them tag along back to my apartment.
When we told the front desk about what happened they looked at us like we were insane. I suggested they get an exterminator immediately (although most of the time that doesnt even help) but whether or not they did is still unknown. Regardless its important that no one go here.

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